Rachael Jayne Groover: Are You Standing Out, Fearless & Feminine?

If standing out has been a big problem for you…

I know you’ve seen how more and more information is being loaded into everyone’s inbox every day.

So it’s challenging to get your unique message heard…especially if you don’t understand the underlying factors that attract people’s attention and get them to take action right when they first “experience” you.

QUESTION: In all the hustle to get your website working great and getting your videos shot, are you giving enough attention to HOW you express yourself?

See, you need to have a powerful personal presence, a strong voice, and an effective way of speaking.

And, you need to deal with any fear about that if you want to be a feminine leader, magnetic business woman, and/or a great speaker or performer.


You might remember someone I introduced to you last year – singer and inspirational speaker, Rachael Jayne Groover.

She has just released a brilliant FREEbie video course. It helps you feel confident about being seen and heard, so you can ultimately STAND OUT (without fear) and make the positive difference you want to make.

Rachael used to be achingly shy. She was terrified of putting herself “out there.” Now she’s an inspirational leader of thousands of women, and is the author of the best-selling book Powerful and Feminine.

How’d she DO that?

(Impatient? GO HERE!)

In the videos she shares with us what she has learned from her 20 years being on stage, performing,speaking,and shooting fantastic videos that get rave reviews.

She shows…
•  how to massively increase your presence
•  how you can use her tips in the videos you shoot –
…whether you speak on stage or want to walk into a room and make a strong first impression.

So if you want to learn how to:
•  feel more confident
•  feel self-assured and relaxed
•  deliver your passionate message so you can
•  impact more people and
•  make the difference you want to make…

I invite you to watch the first video NOW!

This is a powerful FREEbie video course designed specifically for women, but…men can benefit as well!

Rachael Jayne shares:

•  The 5 most important keys to creating a powerful feminine presence that magnetizes people to you.

•  Her step-by-step process to create videos that inspire people take action.

•  She gives you examples of what she says, along with important tips on how to increase your presence speaking into a video camera.

•  A simple exercise that will energetically protect you from people who would normally drain your energy, that will also inspire people to respect you and your time.

•  The 3 biggest mistakes women make that significantly decrease their presence

•  How to not make these mistakes yourself, especially at those times when you need confidence and courage.

I invite you to watch the first video NOW!

This is a FREEbie video course! It will help you, as a woman, to increase your ability to stand out from the crowd and make the difference you keep saying you want to make.

You’ll learn effective ways to keep your fear from stopping you anymore. I think you’ll love the videos!

Check it out HERE!


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