Kathleen Gage: How to Grow Your Biz Even if You’re Not Even Around!

I know you’ll love this! Kathleen Gage, an amazing online marketing and business expert, is my featured guest this week.

Question: If someone you loved became ill and you had to take care of them, and stop paying 100% attention to your business, clients and marketing, what would happen to your business?

And especially, what would happen to your income?

Kathleen just spent TWO YEARS caring for first her dad, then her mom, as they became ill and eventually passed on – AND she had to heal herself from a broken ankle she sustained during training for a marathon right before her dad became ill!

Most people would moan and groan and cry why me and say trouble comes in threes….

Want to know the cool thing? Even as she says she was less present in her business all that time, it still grew!

Could you do that? Want to hear how she did it? I invite you to listen in as I speak with the powerful, amazing, creative Kathleen Gage as she relates how she did what she did in her business. And at the same time, was able to develop some very deep spiritual experiences that helped her get through.

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