Kathleen Gage: How to Grow Your Biz Even if You’re Not Even Around!

I know you’ll love this! Kathleen Gage, an amazing online marketing and business expert, is my featured guest this week. Question: If someone you loved became ill and you had to take care of them, and stop paying 100% attention … Continue reading

New to Marketing Online? A Couple of New Resources You’ll Like….

Here are links to a couple of  resources I think you might want to see: PAGE MODO: They call it “the easiest way to customize and design your Facebook Page” – looks pretty easy – and since everyone is saying … Continue reading

Milana Leshinsky, Classical Musician-Turned-Millionaire Online Marketing Expert

I felt very honored to be able to interview extraordinary Classical-Musician-Turned-Millionaire-Marketer Milana Leshinky recently. Milana shared how she came to the US thinking she’d continue in her advanced music training, but ended up … well, I’ll let her tell you. … Continue reading

Are You A Beginning Online Marketer and You Don’t Know Quite Where to Start?

If you are, there’s hope yet! I suggest you scope out Pat O’Bryan. I’ve watched him go from broke musician to very prosperous online marketer over the past several years. He’s got a cool online ‘univeristy’ where he teaches newbies … Continue reading