Milana Leshinsky, Classical Musician-Turned-Millionaire Online Marketing Expert

I felt very honored to be able to interview extraordinary Classical-Musician-Turned-Millionaire-Marketer Milana Leshinky recently.

Milana shared how she came to the US thinking she’d continue in her advanced music training, but ended up … well, I’ll let her tell you.

It’s pretty amazing what one person, with 2 small kids and speaking no English can do in a very short amount of time!

I loved her sincerity and humbleness, and the way she always goes for powerful simplicity. I was amazed at her generosity and candidness – Milana shares more simple, doable marketing tips and ideas than you usually hear in a teleclass!

Here’s where to go to listen in on my interview on The Daring Draemers Showcase with her, and to hear her tips and strategies: Click here:

And if you’d like to check out the program she tells us about near the end of the interview, use this link:

In her FREEbie video she reveals:
•  Exactly what she did in her very first product launch to generate $40K+ in only four weeks

•  11 different areas she left money on the table, which probably cost her an additional $100K in lost revenue (Ouch! That’s honesty!)

•   A simple 28-day product launch plan even a complete “newbie” can follow!

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