You Mean You Can TALK to Animals? Heal Them from A Distance?

Colleen Flanagan Animal ExpertFinally! Now you can really help your critters, yourself!

Did you know that when something’s wrong with an animal, but medical exams or lab work shows no reasons why, fear-based emotions can be the culprit?

Some animals are just more emotional than others. They can have many fears…about having been adopted, leaving their animal families, being abused, sick, starved, neglected, punished or abandoned…you name it!

That’s why Animal Expert Colleen Flanagan wrote The ATT: Animal Tapping Techniques ebook. She recognizes how frustrating it is when your pet or animal is sick and you don’t know where to turn or what to do next – and did something about it that works! Here’s where to get the ebook:

Haven’t you wished you could:

  • Discover how to easily communicate with your pets
  • Find out what’s bothering your animals
  • Help them with soothing stress/fear release
  • I sure have! (Impatient?

Colleen was one of the first EFTers to become an animal expert – when everyone else was tapping on people, Colleen was out in the corral tapping with horses and tapping on dogs, cats and other critters.

She finally decided she could help more animals if she did it on the phone with their humans! Wouldn’t you just love to know how to do that??

The ATT: Animal Tapping Techniques reflects her years of experience working with pets and their humans, and both tame and wild animals.

What do you get?

Tips, scripts and set-up statements all designed to hasten your animal’s release of painful emotions, tapping surrogately on yourself on the animal’s behalf. These can be used on wild animals in zoos, wildlife parks and in nature, too!

Animal caregivers worldwide have used and praised The ATT: Animal Tapping Techniques now for 2 years – if you’ve got a critter at home, out on the farm or ranch, or care for wild critters near you, I bet you’ll like it, too.

I invite you to get this important resource guide here:


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