Artists! Do You Know How to Tap Your Way to Showing and Selling More of Your Art?

As you might know, I am re-journeying into my art world after a 10-year hiatus. It’s taken some pretty massive tapping, because I’m bumping into all the old beliefs and ideas that limited me before.

The HUGE difference being that now I know what to do when I’m assailed by doubt and fear, and I can take immediate action to change my reality.

This is a VERY big deal for me, because I used to cry myself to sleep every single night – for years – feeling helpless, alone, desperate and dead broke.

Recently I was introduced to a woman who is putting together a new gallery in my town. In the past, I’d have said hello and been friendly, but not said a whole heck of a lot about my work.

I had this belief that “my work speaks for itself, why should I say anything about it? Anyone who doesn’t get it doesn’t deserve to hear it from me!”

Whew – talk about a negative, arrogant attitude!

This time, though, I was able to be friendly AND not only answer her questions, but do it in such a way that really perked her ears up – to the point that she came to my studio (not me lugging my work to her!) and spent 2 whole hours with me going through my paintings, drawings and sculpture.

A gallery owner spending 2 whole hours at my studio? This just doesn’t happen – there’s so much to do get a gallery up and running. But she was entranced and having fun…and the upshot was that she loved my work, wants to show it, and was enthusiastic and excited about it. What more could you want!

I used to be very miserable, very grumpy and perpetually very depressed. Not anymore!

And I can tell you right now that if it hadn’t been for tapping:

  1.  I wouldn’t be here right now, because I’d have done myself in back in the early 2000s. Really.
  2.  I wouldn’t even consider going back into the gallery game or showing or selling my work again
  3.  I wouldn’t be able to feel so happy to talk about my work, market it, share it online and on FB.
  4.  I wouldn’t feel so free. Period. This is big.

So I ask of you: please please free yourself up if you
experience crippling self-doubt.

You know – those nasty phrases you hear in the back of your head as you attempt to create and produce the beauty you see in your mind. Thoughts (usually in a parent’s voice) like:

  •   Who do you think you are?
  •   Artists never make any money – get a real job!
  •   How can I buy paint (materials) when I’m so broke?
  •   Your work isn’t that good! (Especially compared to _____ [fill in with admired artist])
  •   No one will like/understand/buy what you do
  •   You’ll never be good enough
  •   Who would buy your work anyway?

Maybe you have endless, simmering anger about why people won’t buy or appreciate your work, or sadness, grief or fear – all of it unnecessary emotional turmoil.

Isn’t it time to let that suffering go so you can use your energy for what it was intended – creating?

If you don’t know how to use tapping – or, EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques, I invite you to read my Basics EFT book (HERE).

It’s a lively read, not a boring, dry instructional. You get lots and lots of tapping with case stories – tap along and get through your major issues right as you read the book. If I could get through my own 35-years of suicidal thoughts in a mere 6 weeks (!), what could YOU do?

The more I look around at the people I love, the deeper I feel about wanting them to resolve their suffering and trials and tribulations, the more I want them to get free. This includes you. Why?

Because I imagine a world where, on a daily basis, people create what they Dream. That world is magical, fun, free, amazing and miraculous, and it’s literally right at the tips of our fingertips. I want that for you.

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