Why Would an ‘EXPERT’ Take More Classes?

Yesterday, after I attended an excellent teleclass with the amazing Rebecca Marina.

Not soon after it was over, I got an email from someone who knew of me and had heard my voice on the call.

She said she was shocked to hear me on the call, and wondered why I was “still taking classes when you’re obviously an expert at what you do.”

This is such a great question! And I’m sure it’s on the minds of others who don’t ask.

I take more classes because I want:

  •  to find out what others are sharing that I might not know – despite years of experience, I don’t know everything!
  •  to find out what innovations others are making that I could add to my bag of tools so I can serve my people better
  •  to improve my own life, because really, no one is ever ‘done’!
  •  And simply because I’m curious!

Just because I’m an expert at something it does NOT mean I know EVerything! How arrogant would I be to claim that!

I believe in being vulnerable, open and curious, and that includes taking others’ classes to expand myself. There will always be someone who can see my blind spots, and I want to know about them so I can fill them in!

EFT/Business Expert Pamela Bruner partnered up with Jack Canfield on her Tapping into Ultimate Success series this last winter. He said quite candidly in one of the videos that Pamela had helped him with a money issue he’d had.The man’s a millionaire – you might think he had no more money issues at all!

But guess what, no matter what level you’re at, you’re still going to find stuff that bothers you, that you don’t know or about which you’re simply curious.

There’s always more to learn, and it’s exciting as all get out – heck, I found out a key bit of info yesterday that will affect the entire rest of my life.

So I suggest that you not be shy – take the courses that call to you, whether you are a ‘regular’ person or the Crowned Queen or King of the Universe!

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