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As I said in a pervious post, I have decided to focus more this year on my painting and carving work*, and reduce my coaching hours.

It was really, really – REALLY! – scary to do that.

Why? Well, because as soon as I made the decision, all my old starving-artist fears popped right up in my face.

I was convinced that I would never, ever make a living at my artwork…that no one would want my work…no one would buy it…and I’d end up under a bridge an old pathetic crone. I have practically worn my tapping points out dealing with those old fears and doubts – and it’s worked!

I guess from your point of view it might sound pretty silly that I still had all those doubts, because as an EFT practitioner / trainer and business and marketing mindset coach, I’ve worked on scarcity and marketing fears and doubts about value and all that for the last 11 years – shouldn’t I be done with all that?

But…I had never applied it to the art part of my own life. And there came, like a huge avalanche, all these 50-year old doubts and fears and voices of nay-saying and massive criticism!

I was prepared this time – no longer a defenseless emotionally overwhelmed and totally depressed artist!

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