Do You Ever Say, “I Hate Selling and Marketing”? What if You Could Say, “I LOVE Selling My Work!”


This is for you entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, energy and health practitioners, artists, authors and bloggers etc., who say, “I hate selling” or “I hate marketing!”

WHY? BECAUSE I’m creating a new, 2015 series of teleclasses for you who hate, dread, won’t do or can’t stand selling and marketing.

I used to hate selling and marketing, too, and I would do just about anything else to avoid spending time even thinking about it.

I hated it so much that I called marketing ‘evil.’ Now I know differently, and that my attitude was the source of over 30 years of misery and repeated, terrible financial crises.

Do you ever hear yourself thinking any of these phrases? I sure used to!

See which ones ring true for you:

  •  I hate selling!
  •  I hate marketing!
  •  Marketing is for rip-offs!
  •  I suck at writing sales copy

READ THE REST HERE and see what I’m cooking up just for you!


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