Learn How to Do Psychic Readings!

For Friends of Angela Treat Lyon…

The “Azna Method” Psychic Reader Training
with Rebecca Marina Messenger

Course delivered Worldwide by Phone, Online and Audio.

(Note from Angela: Rebecca told me that she got this information straight from the Source, and didn’t want to go through the usual sales-page rigamarole you usually see.

So here is the conversation she had with Mother Azna, going through introducing the course, why Rebecca is to give it, and what you will get out of it.

If it resonates you, go for it, get the course – I’ll be there, too, right along side you! If it isn’t a fit, well, maybe it isn’t for you. Read on, and see what you think. I’m excited about it!)


After receiving many letters from distressed Readers about finances, I asked Mother what I could do.

Mother replied, “Offer to Teach them a skill that can help  bring in income, and that is always in demand. Teach a man to fish and he will never be hungry.”


Mother Azna, what do you want people to know about your upcoming Psychic Reader training?

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Mother Azna:

I want Light workers to know why Archangel Gabriel and I are asking you to teach this course.

Reason #1:  This training is an easy way for light workers to attain a skill that can start bringing in income almost immediately.

Reason #2:  Having this training and resulting skill will raise their confidence levels in all areas of life, including relationships and personal image. You see, people are a bit in awe of a good psychic reader! I want my babies to experience a bit of awestruck adoration, and to feel the respect that comes with it.

Reason #3:  This training will help their spiritual advancement. Their faith will increase, and they will come to embrace their new abilities as a natural part of life.

Reason #4:  Because I am guiding this training, participants will have a much closer relationship to me…what mother doesn’t want her babies to be closer?

Reason #5:  It’s Time! Taking this training will Awaken students to a much greater destiny. Even if they are only attracted to this for the income earning potential. One cannot be in constant Communion with Me and NOT experience Profound Awakenings.


Mother, are you saying that you welcome everyone, even those who only want to make money by doing readings?


Yes, those who see the income potential are doing the right thing. It means they desire to take care of their earthly needs. It means they have enough self-love to find ways to provide for themselves and those they love.

Without self-love, how can one truly serve?


Mother, why do you want me to call this training the “Azna Method” Psychic Reader Training?


Taking this training will cause students to become My Apprentices. They will discover levels of power they never thought possible, simply by surrendering to my divine presence and allowing me to teach and guide them. And of course, all done with extreme nurturing and love.

The energy of The Goddess is being restored. Every client who comes to be one of My Apprentices will be infused with the Divine Mother love.

This love energy alone will keep a steady stream of clients coming in for them. People are starving for Divine Mother Love.

Also, I’m providing them with a template that will take all the worry out of the process. (More on that later.)


How will someone know if this training is right for them?


They will know this training is right for them if it strikes a chord within their heart, or they get the chillies down their spine, or maybe they will just simply have a Knowing.

If they have any desire at all to become a psychic reader, they shall do so.


But Azna, many people might like to become psychic readers, but feel they have no natural abilities … what can you do for them?


If My Beloveds have the desire, they have the ability! Everyone was born with psychic abilities, but for various reasons, they were rapidly shut down. I will simply help them remember their own innate abilities.

Rebecca, you will follow My guidance with techniques that will bring these abilities to the surface. Together, Rebecca, we will reach inside their very being and gently pull out the Inner Psychic that already resides within.

That Inner Psychic may be cowering in a corner, afraid to admit they even want this. But I assure you, everyone who desires it can be taught. Of course, they must DO the exercises given to increase abilities rapidly.

Just like EFT… Doing the exercises sanctioned by Mother God Azna, is like taking penicillin… it doesn’t matter if you believe in it… it’s going to work.
Just like penicillin – if you only take the “medicine” once, it won’t do much good. Take the full round and you will have the results you desire.



What kind of techniques will you have me use?


The Most Important technique is the “Open Valve” technique. Teach them this first, and everything else will fall into place. Students will be astonished at how easy this becomes once they embrace the “Open Valve” technique.

(Mother has already given me instructions on the ‘Open Valve” technique!)

Azna continues…

Rebecca, you have so much training, and so many scientific techniques that can open up the right brain, where information flows freely. You have demonstrated this by teaching people how to communicate with animals and with people on the other side.

You will use those tools and scientific techniques you already know, plus, I’m giving you a unique way to teach this that will make this training the most unique training on the planet.


Mother, why are you asking me to teach this course – why not ask someone else?


A. Because I know you will do it
B. Because I know you’re qualified to do it.
C. Because I know you really care about the light workers’ financial situation.
D. Because I know you will enjoy it and make it so much fun for the participants
….that they will love it!
E. Because you have an audience who loves me and everyone in it is eager to
….learn. This training will serve all of them in many areas of   life.


How long should I make the course?


This will be a five-week course, beginning November 12 and ending just before Christmas on December 17. (And yes, we skip Thanksgiving Week!)

This will give a chance for people to complete the training, enjoy the holidays, and plan to start the new year with their brand-new completely awesome career as a Certified Azna Method Psychic Reader.

And in the Course, you will provide them with away to practice before they step out into the world as Readers.


Why are you asking Archangel Gabriel to step in and help us with this training?


Because Archangel Gabriel brings the energy of good news, the boldness to move forward, and the courage to do something that may seem impossible. Besides, the touch of Archangel Gabriel will change their lives forever!


You have asked me to provide students with a “template” to go by when doing readings. Tell me more about that.


Yes! I will provide you a template that is encoded with My Essence. Simply reading it or holding it causes the reading to be easy for both parties.

You see, Rebecca, I know that some of them will be nervous when starting out. Using my template is far better than using cards or other props.


Will this course cover how to get clients?


The course will cover the basics of getting started as a reader.


  • The Best way to get clients.
  • How NOT to do everything for free.
  • How to talk about yourself without seeming like a freak.
  • How NOT to cast your pearls before swine.
  • How to gather testimonials.
  • How to use the power of story to spread your fame.
  • How to keep your powers growing.

A complete business course would take much longer than the 5 weeks we have allotted.


Is anything forbidden?


I recommend that students tell no one they are taking this training. Especially family. When people don’t understand something, they naturally are against it! Why let others steal your confidence?


This is where that conversation ends …for now. I am sure Mother Azna will give more advice soon.

If you have questions, call me 956-457-5568.

The Details


You would expect to pay as much as $1500 for a five-week training that would give you a whole complete new career.

I want to make this as affordable as possible, so…

You won’t have to pay $1500…

You won’t have to pay $1000…

You won’t even have to pay $700…

The full fee for this training is just $547

AND..To reward those who act FAST,
I am offering a quick-action reward

YES, The full fee for this training is $547

BUT – Until Nov. 7th at midnight, the price is $277.
That’s almost HALF!

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Nov 9th: at midnight the fee goes up to $357.00

Nov 11th: at midnight the fee goes up to $457.00

Nov 12th: the full price of $547 kicks in.


Until November 9th at midnight,
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Dates of classes:

You can attend by phone, online, or listen to audio if you cannot attend.
Email support provided for those who need to listen online or by audio.

Classes are Twice daily, every Wednesday:

Week #1. Nov 12
Week #2. Nov 19
Skip Nov. 26 due to U.S. Thanksgiving.
Week #3. Dec 3
Week #4. Dec 10
Week #5. Dec 17

Class times

Twice each Wednesday (to allow for different time zones.)

12:00 Noon Eastern
8 PM Eastern

Please allow 90 minutes to 2 hours for class time

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