Your Feedback Means So Much to Me!

Thanks so much, those of you who took the time to send in the postcard feedback I sent you about the FREE No Calling Fears Teleclass – I so appreciate it.

It was a new idea for me, to send a card like that.

I liked the idea of using hand-addressed postcards because it seemed more friendly than an email. I wanted a more personal touch – and I was even careful to get recycled paper, and not use slick, toxic fancy paper and inks.

Because…if I’m going to rant about plastic drinking water bottles and being green, I guess I oughta walk green, too, right?

p.s. I invite you to check out my rant-about-plastic site here – this is where I posted all my paintings when I did my campaign for painting 100 painting 100 paintings in 100 days:


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