Healing/Creating Hands

Source energies curl and furl in my palms. They remain there until I start working on something. Sometimes they churn and make my hands tingle. As soon as I begin to focus, the energy passes through to my fingers. Way … Continue reading

Cricket Windsong: Healing with Earth Energies

Have you ever known anyone whose life was completely turned upside down when they were asked ONE simple question? After you listen to my conversation with Healer Cricket Windsong, you will! Find out how this what-you-see-is-what-you-get spiritual skeptic found a … Continue reading

Dr. Eric Pearl: The Reconnection

Dr. Eric Pearl, a practicing chiropractor, was awakened one night by the lamp on his bedside table going on all by itself. This led to him later discovering how to heal with energy w/o even touching anyone. He now teaches … Continue reading

How My Friend Dematerialized Right in Front of Me….

I worked with a friend live on Skype today who was panicking so intensely that she was literally choking. Afterwards, I was considering how none of the things an energy practitioner would normally say with a client would have worked … Continue reading