How I Ditched My Suicidal Thoughts, Shame, Distrust and Fear

For 35 years, I spent untold time every day quietly contemplating ways to do myself in. Even if the thoughts were only in the back of my mind. Thankfully, I never had even a fraction of the courage/stupidity to do … Continue reading

It’s Not About the Guns!

I’m hearing people say, “stop allowing people to have access to guns.” But I wonder…. President Obama ended his speech today with this: “Heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds.” Is there any deeper call to action to … Continue reading

How My Friend Dematerialized Right in Front of Me….

I worked with a friend live on Skype today who was panicking so intensely that she was literally choking. Afterwards, I was considering how none of the things an energy practitioner would normally say with a client would have worked … Continue reading