How Do You Feel When It’s Time to Ask for Your Fees?

When it’s time to ask your potential client or your customer for the money, what happens to you?

How do you feel?
•   Squeamish?
•   Guilty?
•   Ashamed?
•   Like your services ‘should’ be free?
•   Does a little voice in your head insist that you’re a fraud? (Many energy pratitioners tell me this – how can I ask for money for such a lala thing?)

I used to feel like I was dying a thousand deaths each and every time I had to tell someone my fees.

I don’t now, though – and there’s a very good reason for that.

Tomorrow on my Money Tapping Group Part 3 call, we’ll be going over the first part of why you freak out when you ask for money from a client – or for higher fees than they have been paying – and what to do about it.

This is one of the most important abilities you must have in order to succeed in your biz – how can you earn the money you need to run and maintain and expand if you can’t ask for it???

Join us, AND get last week’s audio, plus the next 2 calls and audios in The Money Tapping Group Part 3.

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READ about The Money Tapping Group Part 3:

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Think about it. I used to freak out asking for $30 for a full hour session when I first started charging for EFT sessions. My hourly rate now is $595.

Speaking of which, can you see what a great savings you’re getting by only $57.97 for FOUR weeks of coaching? PLUS being able to benefit from the energy of the other passionate entrepreneurs on the call with you?

There’s a way to ask for more money and stay in integrity with your values. Once you find out and use it, too, no matter what rates you charge, you can feel good about it.

I look forward to working with you when you join us!


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