Am I Jumping the EFT Ship?

Yesterday I posted an article to my list about my radio show with Lisa Nichols; joining with me to save the bees, and my teleclass last week.

There were a bunch of unsubscribes – a few that really surprised me, that were from people who’d been on my list a long time.

When I wrote a few of them asking why. I got a couple notes back, saying it was because they thought I was ‘deserting EFT.”

Huh? EFT has been one of THE biggest movers in my life! Just because I give myself permission to follow my passions and live the dream I want to live, it doesn’t mean I’m jumping ship!

No, I’m not jumping ship. If anything, I’ve taken my own personal style of tapping way beyond the conventional EFT we were taught, yes….

I’m just sailing my ship into deeper waters. I’m doing what I was told to do: try it on everything, and try different ways. So…

I’m sailing out of the mud flats of the mindset that assumes “there’s something wrong, so I better tap on it to get rid of it.”

My question is: what if there were something right? And isn’t it cool that I can tap on it to make it even better?

After ten years of helping people with tapping, I’ve seen that it’s too easy to get trapped into thinking:
•  there must be something wrong with me
•  I have to get at my core issue before I can ____
•  I have to heal my ____ with ____
•  I can’t ____
•  I’ll never ____

That whole “I can’t” and “I’m afraid” and “there’s something wrong” mentality is what’s at the heart of what’s wrong:

The only thing wrong with you is that you think there’s something wrong with you!!!

What would you do if you only had a short time to live?

Would you still create and DO your passion?

Would you just slouch back into your bed and give up?

Would you just tap LONG, saying, Even Though there is this Big Bad Thing Wrong with me…and continue to think there really is something wrong, and feel sorry for yourself? Yes? Uh-oh! You’re caught!

See…I think you’re more powerful than that.

I think you’re one of the stubborn influential people in the world who make their “problems” into amazing, rich opportunities.

I think you’re one of the amazing influential people in the world who take roadblocks and turn them into brand new exciting pathways.

I think you’re one of the curious influential people in the world who take challenges and turn them into rich new high levels of success.

It’s not about “I better get well or perfect and THEN I can follow my dream.”

It’s about “this is where things are right now, what else can I do to make things as awesome as I can?”

I think you’re one of the decisive influential people in the world who get off whatever remains of all this “something wrong” cr*p.

I think you’re one of the powerful influential people in the world who focus on what you can do – however small – however cr*ppy you feel – to further, create, and make real the passionate dream in your heart’s deepest corners.

Isn’t it time the ‘something wrong’ wagon got a total transformation into the beautiful, gypsy-colored, fun vehicle for your heart’s deepest dream?

What IS your heart’s deepest dream? Don’t know?

Ask yourself: what is my Holy Discontent? Now ask yourself, what can I do about it? That’s your Dream.

I think you’re one of the powerful influential people in the world who says, it’s time to stop being so me-me- me-focused, and trying so hard to figure out what’s the cause or at the root of not being/getting/having/doing what you think you should be/get/have/do!

I believe that the only one in my way is me and what I think about myself and my life.

I think the only one in your way is you. And that your very thinking is in your way.

Start thinking:
•  I can do this
•  I can do this
•  I can do this.

However small a step you can take, take that step. However hard it is.

My friend Thelma, an amazing health practitioner who is in her 70s, fell and broke her hip just before Christmas.

Do you know she’s already walking without a cane? That she’s beginning to drive again?

Has she been discouraged and in pain? Yes.

Is she letting “something wrong” get in her way? No.
She knows what she wants and how she wants to feel.
And she keeps going.

Focus on the dream, not on the potholes along the way.

Thelma made that decision. I’ve made that decision.
Have you?

I’ve decided to be an influence, instead of a victim.
I’ve decided to intend, decide, choose and create.

So I’m doing more radio, more art, and more activism to boost the health, prosperity and vitality of the planet and every last living being on it.

What would YOU speak up about, what dream would you foster, once you get past your I-can’ts?

What one tiny step would you take TODAY to move towards that dream – safely, happliy and creativiely?

Do it. I support you in that!

So, no. I’m not jumping ship. I’m taking what I learned and I’m using it.

Isn’t that why I learned tapping in the first place? To get free enough to do that?

Yes! You can, too.


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