Do You Speak UP?

“How Do You Speak Up Fearlessly?”

speakingI’ve been speaking up a lot on Facebook about the recent situation in Indiana where war has pretty much been declared on gay people.

They are trying to instigate a new law there saying that it’s OK for businesses to discriminate against and not serve gay people.

I received two interesting notes: one from someone saying “you must be gay since you are standing up for gay people, and why don’t you shut up!”

The other note was from someone admiring me for speaking up, and how ever did I have the nerve to do it!

The first person had it all wrong. No, I’m not gay (even if I was – so what?). Whether or not I am is not even the issue. No I won’t shut up (!). And no, I don’t put up with bigots, so I un-friended him.


It’s very clear that if businesses are allowed to discriminate against one section of the populace willy-nilly, it won’t be long before it’s OK for them to exclude blacks, latinos, breast-feeding mothers, single women, left-handed cowboys and sandy beach bums. In other words, anyone.

I Remember

Because I remember very clearly what it was like in the 50s and 60s before we fought for black freedom. I was there in that fight, and the fight for abortion, and the fight for women to have bank accounts and to be able to buy a house or just sign a contract without having a husband, as well as the many other fights we have won over the years.

We fought hard to legalize those rights, and to see them erode before my eyes makes me furious and sick to my stomach.

This is wrong, and I won’t stand for it and I won’t shut up. I “have the nerve” to speak up because my passion drives me. I know what we, as a people, will lose if I and others don’t speak up.


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