Courage, Clarity & Confidence

What happens when you lack courage?

sm-shy-3hYou think about what you’d like to do…but then you just cave in and don’t do it, right?


And then you wonder why you aren’t where you want to be in your life or business.

Opportunities that would allow you more freedom and prosperity flow by you every day, but you either don’t even see them through your veil of fears, or you don’t have the energy, strength or courage to reach out and grab them.

You then kick yourself left-wise from Sunday, and spend precious time wondering why things are going so badly, or why you can’t take your success to the next level.

You might even blame someone or something, thinking or saying it’s their fault.

You end up saying, “next time!” Well … what if there IS no next time?


So the loop goes like this: opportunity > no thanks > self-blame or other-person-blame > next time! > opportunity > no thanks > self-blame or other-person-blame > next time….

Aren’t you tired of that? Wouldn’t you like to end that loop of internal destruction?

It’s pretty simple, really, and I’d like to show you how I do it.


See, you may not know this, but many years ago I was so shy I could barely look people in the eye, much less think clearly enough to form coherent sentences or even speak them loud enough to hear.

If I had an appointment with someone, every moment of my day right up to the meeting was filled with anxiety, fretting and worry – I couldn’t even think about doing anything else.

But I found a way to reverse that 180 degrees, and now people are more likely to tell me I’m full of energy, enthusiasm and inspiration.

I talk to everyone. I even have a radio show! If you’d told me even 10 years ago that I’d be a radio show host, I’d have laughed and declared that that would be impossible, who did you think you were trying to kid?


heart-loveSo tell me: which version of yourself would you prefer – the fearful one or the courageous, confident one?

Did you know? The root word for Courage is Couer – which means Heart! Your courage comes from your lion-heart!

Want to know how to reverse your shyness, worry and lack of confidence?

All the way from little things like invitations to lunch, to big things that would be of great benefit to you, like being able to sell your work or pursue your passion! Here’s your chance to take this thing by the horns and turn it around.

I put together a teleseminar just for you, so you could create clarity, banish lack of courage and transform fear into confidence – forever.



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