Don’t Tell Me What to Do!

sm-anger-2I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to death of people telling me what to do and what I should buy from them.

Use the Law of Attraction! Do this technique! You should eat green! You should stop eating sugar! Use this technique to get more clients!

You should…you should…you should!

NO! I shouldn’t! And I won’t, either!

In my experience, the Law of Attraction is vastly over-rated. First, it’s not a law, it’s a principle. And second, you have to add appropriate Doing to the Dreaming or nothing works – something most LOAers forget to tell you.

Yes, envisioning your desire is essential. But do they tell you how to handle the yeah-buts your mind trips you up with that make you feel like you can’t have or be or do what you set out for?

Do they help you find or make up the appropriate steps you need to take to make your dream manifest in the real world?

Do they tell you that you need to have support for when you lose track?

And how do they know what I should eat?

How do they know I’m not from a group of aliens who landed on earth and my blood is made of chocolate, and if I stopped eating sugar I would die!?! That’a bit wild, but really, what do these people who tell us what to do know about us, personally? All the research in the world can argue with what’s real for me, but it’s still real for me. Beware of the one-size fits all claims.

I’m writing this because I’m one of those people who goes to meetings or parties or gatherings and says that one scary thing everyone is thinking but no one wants to say.

So I’m saying it. I don’t want anyone to tell me what to do, what’s good for me, or what I need. I determine that, no one else. The only reason I buy anything is that I see value in it for me. That it can help me do, be or have something, whether that’s to fill my belly, build my business or hone my mind.

When someone offers me something, I take a breath and allow myself to calm down and allow my inner wise person to come to the front. I receive the offer, and I feel my love.

In-the-arms-of-the-mother-3hThen I do this: I ask my inner wisdom, “Is this something that will really benefit me? Or is it something I’ve already seen-heard-learned-about in a million different forms?

Do I really just need to go about being me and doing what I need to do to follow the deep urgings of my dreams with the information I’ve already gotten, or would this thing add to my experience?

When I hear, “You must….” I close. Call me rebel, resistant, reluctant, stubborn – fine. I don’t mind! But no one but no one tells this girl what to do.

When I am asked what do I need or want, I open, because for me, that’s the beginning of curiosity and imagination. It’s the beginning of a conversation that will help me determine what I do or do not want to add to my life. It’s the beginning of being able to take delight in a new choice – I like choice! It makes me feel rich!

So here’s what I invite you to do. When you see tantalizing offers, wonderful deals, beautiful products and services you think would be good, slow down. Breathe.

Even wait 24 hours before you actually buy.

Ask yourself if it really is somethng you need and want, and if it really will, honestly, give you some thing you don’t have already or add value to your life.

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Don’t Tell Me What to Do! — 4 Comments

  1. So Angela, what do you want or need at this point in your life? :)

    Take care and God bless (if you are wanting or needing this blessing!)

    I hope you are making it a magnificently awesome day/night,


  2. Hi Angela,
    I just want to say THANK YOU for your wonderful talks and literature. I’m in the process of setting up my own business working as an EFT/NVC practitioner in sports and other performance related issues.
    It’s wonderful having people like you in the world; your an inspiration.
    Best wishes,

  3. Hi Angela
    Thanks for your lovely little books!
    I agree with you. something kicks inside my body when I’m told what to do.
    Nothing stops me quicker than that. It may be a button created in my past, but sure enough if someone tell me to do something,I resent it so much I can’t do it!
    Taking the pressure of works better for me.
    Lots of love

  4. Trying to find you, girl! I’m in Honolulu until tonight at 9pm…tonight being Tuesday, Dec. 8, 09. Hope you’re well and can get back to me.
    Liz xxxooo