What Do Aliens Have to Do with Blessings and Nuclear Change?

UFO from 1000.comOne day back in 1966 when I lived in Santa Cruz, California, I saw a newspaper heading that said, “Aliens to Get Green Cards.”

You know how I think when I tell you that I was shocked, because I thought, “Huh! They don’t even acknowledge the fact that UFOs and aliens exist, and now they’re handing out green cards to them?”

Needless to say, that wasn’t the case at all….(above Image from 1000.com)

And it happened again yesterday. One of my subscribers turned me on (thanks Barbara) to some videos and the websites of a man who makes it his life purpose to go around blessing stuff – people, plants, land…and he works with scientists all over the world to show how the blessings work, even to the point of changing the species of some of the bacteria he blesses. Pretty awesome.

When he talks about what happens, he says it’s a matter of ‘nuclear change.’

Well, when I read the words ‘nuclear change,’ I immediately envisioned green glowing radiation-packed nickels, dimes and quarters in my pocket….

Perception is everything, isn’t it?

So that’s how I changed my panic attack into laughter. I changed my perception.

Per = through
-ception = vision, understanding

Through your understanding you change your experience.

I took the inherent energy in the panic energy and flipped it over on its back and got it to carry me, instead of it blasting me.

Remember how, a couple of weeks ago, I told you about Zoik It? That’s one of the things I did with my panic.

Here’s how you Zoik It:

imagine the thing, person, emotion, thought, pain or place that is bugging you.

Look it square in the eye (yes, visualize it if it is not right there with you), thank it for showing you that there is energy you didn’t know about that you can clean up and harvest.

Now put your imaginary first finger on it, and ‘see’ your fingertip glowing with brilliant white, gold or opal-ish light filling the object of pain completely up – bright rays of love filling the light. Bless it in your mind as you do this.

You can tap on your collarbone as you do this if it makes you feel more relaxed.

If you don’t know how to bless something, just mentally stand back and silently direct your thoughts and heart to God – the Universe, the Divine, whatever you call it – to fill this thing, feeling, pain, person or place through you. You can say this: “You do it,  because I don’t know how and that’s your job, anyway.”

And ‘see’ the energy of light and love emerge from your fingertip into the person, thing, place, thought, emotion or pain, filling it up to overflowing.

(Don’t believe it works? That’s OK – you can not believe all you want. Now zoik the not-believing and see what happens! LOL – )

Now feel how you feel. Notice your thoughts.

Try it. You’ll be amazed.

That wasn’t all that got me through my momentary freakout. But it’s enough of a clue to help start you on your way.

And in case you’re interested in the guy who is turning science on its ear with fully documented instances of affecting everything from people to plants, crops, land and bacteria with his blessings. You’ll love these: Intro to Mahendra Trivedi: HERE on Youtube.

Where does the energy come from? Find out HERE.

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