Bypassing Evil: II

bypass evil - fill yourself with Light!A week or so ago I proposed bypassing instead of fighting evil.

Many of you wrote enraged, saying ‘we should fight it forever,’ that we should not go into denial or lala land about it, and other such comments.

Please understand, I don’t condone evil!

When you walk into a dark room, you don’t stand there and say, “it’s not dark!” And you don’t have a fist fight with, make laws against, arrest, raise sanctions against or bom.b the dark, do you? No! You reach over and turn on the light!

Obviously in the ‘real’ world it seems more complex than that, but you get the concept. How do we do that, though? How do we reach inside and turn on the Light?

If we are all One, there’s only One of us here. So the only One to work out the kinks in is – you guessed it – the one who is experiencing.

Remember that quote that goes around: what you give your attention and your energy to expands.

I believe – and have seen, over and over again – that when we concentrate on ‘working’ evil, mal-intent, rancor, jealously, resentment and other vibration-lowering thoughts, habits and activities out of our own lives, it’s hard! We keep getting sucked in by it. It’s a spiritual shadow fight. How exhausting.

But when we focus on adding more to the light in the world? Much easier than going to war with the dark.

I also believe that our Sacred Task is to make way for as much Light as our minds and bodies can hold.

Where can evil reside if we fill ourselves with Light?

What do you think?


Bypassing Evil: II — 5 Comments

  1. I NEED this post – as a matter of fact, I think its getting printed out and hung over my bedroom mirror, lol!! There are some things that I worked on for years that I finally had to all but let go of, and there are some things now that I am in the process of letting go of.

    Its not a matter of letting go of my position on something, or the issue itself, but of the emotional attachment I have to it.

    Letting go of the emotion and the attachment, is so Key for me, personally. Sometimes I feel like I have tentacles hooking into things.

    There are situations/issues where this is still far more easily said than done (always working, lol) but on the whole, its a much easier and more pleasant way of living working from this side of the anger than being in the middle of it.

    For me, also, its a matter of setting priorities. I’ve found it MUCH easier to acknowledge these things with intelligence when they are not automatically moved to the number one spot on my list.

    I figure it this way: if I can just once rise above the situation that bothers me, I am able to see clearer and farther than its immediate impact. Its easier to understand the “other” positions, and to develop some compassion or at least acceptance for different views. From that vantage point, if I MUST become involved, I at least can offer something constructive and helpful to the situation rather than coming at it headlong in anger, frustration and hence adding to it.

    It MUST be one of my life-lessons, one I will be consciously working on for a long, long time –

    I also have to thank you, Dear Angela, for the “permission” article!!! Still working on THAT one, too, lol!

    MANY Blessings –


  2. Thanks for your long, wonderful comment! I’m so delighted to see someone getting real benefit from my writing – thank you. Do let me know how you do on it all, OK?

    aloha – Angela

  3. Hello Angela,

    Long time, no see, (sort of). I read my RSSfeeds (in my Windows Side Bar, as they flash by, 1-100) click what catches my eye, and today – 21st – the longest day: you with *a topic* (Fight or not to fight Evil), inspiring me to leave a comment to.
    *Bypassing* evil??

    How do we go about that ??
    In reality, technically too, since real real ugly evil is everywhere, we even inhale evil (air etc): so how can we do that??
    It would be wonderful, because *fighting* evil is a dreary, dreadful, tiresome, lonely, AGING,making you poor/penniless affair.
    As long as 99.8% of the world population did not yet disconnect themselves from (for instance) *the (so-called) 7 deadly sins – in other words *vibrates* on these: the best an ordinary someone can do: stay SANE, and continue seeing to it that throughout that one life (only) – equilibrium is present, remains present, and stays activated.
    Not only IQ over EQ, a whole lot more.
    A shame Angela, that one enlightened woman in Hawaii (You), and one rather knowledgeable woman in the South of Turkey, (I) are not able to to have a human face-to-face talk.
    Still: lots of love, hugs.

    Willy Holmes-Spoelder

  4. But, Willy, what a wonderful LUCK that they can still connect through the amazing technologies that are available to us all over the world! :)

    Love from France,

    : ) Maria

  5. @maria, I know, I know, I am Dutch living amongst Turkish goats, remotely, marvel every single day that all this online technology exists.
    Mais: une conversation en face j’aime beaucoup et toujours.
    Salutations de Kaya Köyü, Fethiye, Turkey et Willy