fat-guyI decided about a month ago that, although I felt very fortunate and very rich, my life could be even more so. Why not?? So I have been incorporating some simple things that have been enabling me to create that.

I adore reading. I usually read a book a night (or every 2 or 3, according to how long the book is) – and it’s not uncommon for me to go home from the library with 10 to 15 books at a time. Problem with that is that I go to bed at 1 or 2 and get up bleary-eyed at 8:30, and it takes me until 10 to be human again.

I decided I needed a healthier approach to reading and fitting in my morning meditation. So now I’m trying out going to bed earlier, waking up an hour earlier, meditating and then listening on my trusty iPod to an inspiring or informative audio before I get up.

Lately I’ve really been appreciating Joe Vitale’s Attract-A-Car audios that I got last year, just to remind myself of the pitch and the pace of manifesting.

Other audios are Caroline Sutherland’s (medical intuitive: http://CarolineSutherland.com) extremely informative health-related audios. She has a giant list of FREEbie 90-minute

audios on her site, plus a bunch of very affordable ones with interviews of forward-thinking, alternative medical innovators.

This morning I listened to her interview with Dr. David Rowland, who discusses heart health. I learned a lot from it, and was excited about some of the information that I could use right away.

I suggest that if you are struggling with extra poundage on your body that you go there immediately and download her most recent audio about weight-loss, because you’ll find out a LOT that will help you resolve it that you can implement right away.

One of the things she says that I appreciate so much is: that it’s not your fault. It’s not your mother, father, peers, training or whatever. It’s not diets or non-diets or anything you’ve tried. There are a few major factors involved, and all of them can be addressed simply and systematically.

I love that, and am implementing some of the things she mentions right now, because after my surgeries last year, my body decided to be a balloon, and I don’t much like it – especially since it feels like an exhausted,worn-out lead balloon! I’ll update you as it goes.

I also suggest that, if you are struggling with body-image, heaviness or self-image, you find an EFTer who can support you in what it takes to go through the process of dropping all that extra stuff – there are a lot of internal tangles to be straightened out, and having the support of a coach would help you tremendously.

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