What’s the Real Bottom Line? Is It Money?

intentRecently I was invited to take a position as a top expert on a very well-known website for people interested in self-growth.

I felt pleased and honored, and am considering the position. It would mean more possible income and exposure.

But I’m being very careful about whether or not I say yes. Why?

Because everything is some form of energy exchange, and I have a history of give-give-give…exhaustion/burnout/sadness/depression, I am really careful about what I say yes to now.

I ask myself, will I get paid in some form? That might sound mercenary, but let’s be real – I only have so much time and so much physical energy, and I have to be fed in order to keep giving.

Think airplane oxygen scenario – you put your own mask on before you help your kids with theirs. If you’re not breathing, you can’t help them. If I don’t eat or am not fed emotionally, mentally or spiritually, I can’t give, passionate or not.

So I always ask myself: in what form will this thing serve me, so I can keep feeling great and continue to serve others? Will it…
•   Make me feel good about me: maybe allow me to serve others in a selective way that makes me feel like I’m doing my life right?
•   Exposure: to whom, and how many, and would they
be joining my mailing list, and will they appreciate/buy
my products and services…or are they tire-kickers?
•   Time: will this thing help me save or compress time so I can do more of my passion?
•   Material goods: maybe there’s a gift to an event, or books, or any number of goodies I wouldn’t ordinarily have or get myself, but that I would like.
•   Pleasure: maybe this thing I’m offered will make me feel good – like a massage or some health treatment, or energy treatment.
•   Money: and if so, will it match what I make now or better, and can I feel good, hold onto my passion, and keep my personal integrity upon receiving it?

The biggest, bottom line Q: is this thing aligned with my heart’s deepest desire?

If not, if it won’t serve me in a way that will allow me to continue to build and expand on what I’m loving doing now – I say no.

How do you decide? Please add your comments here!


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