Are You Intending to Create More Passive Income in 2013 than You Ever Have Before?

Passive Income in 2013!How would you like to stop struggling with money, as of 2013?


I want the year 2013 to be a pivotal year for you!

How can it be? When you decide to create real, solid, perpetual prosperity in your life! And if you already feel prosperous, why not more?

There are two things you can do right now, today, to create a pivotal year for yourself – heck, I’ve already started!

Go here and pay close attention to my interview on Daring Dreamers Radio with money-mentor, Joan Sotkin’s message!

The next is…are you ready? Write a Kindle ebook!

UH-OH! Don’t see yourself as an author?

Please KEEP READING – you’ll see how simple it can be!


Aren’t those outdated?
And why Kindle?

1. No, ebooks are not outdated by any means.

2. Because it’s an easy way for you to start creating passive income for yourself (I’ll show you how).

3. And, if you already have passive income, it’s an easy way for you to create more!


No matter what you do for a living right now, if you don’t have some kind of payment from some source quietly coming in month after month without your having to lift a finger, you don’t have passive income.

And I can pretty much wager safely that you’ve worried what would happen to you or your family if you fell down and got hurt, or if you got sick and landed in the hospital for a time. What would happen to you?

Well, I can tell you from personal experience, even if you have insurance, maybe part or all of your hospital bill might get paid, but what will replace the money you usually make every day? Nothing. That can hurt, big-time.

Siren! Red light! Siren! Red flag! Siren!

You don’t have to push that scary scenario to the back of your mind anymore, because I’m going to show you how you can take the very simplest path to create a regular, steady passive income.

Even if you bring in only a few hundred dollars a month – it’s still more passive income than you have now! Could you use more money coming in?


Two months ago, an author hired me to create a cover for his newest ebook.

During the course of our work together, he mentioned that he wanted to start promoting it during the holidays on Amazon and Kindle. He had 4 or 5 other books he’d written before, from which he gets very good monthly income.

I thought, “I can do that, too!”


And – you can create passive income with subjects and topics that aren’t even in the least related to what you regularly do for a living!

Now – before you go into paroxysms of worry and doubt and “I can’t do that!” exclamations, stop a minute and listen VERY carefully.

Because what I’m going to share with you is so simple and so fall-over-easy that when you see it, you’ll just laugh, instead.

So just keep reading, and stay calm, OK? (Until you feel so excited you can’t sit still anymore, that is!)


When I thought about writing books for the Kindle, I was thinking about taking information I usually teach in teleclasses and was mentally re-creating it all in ebooks, and it felt overwhelming. I’ve created heaps of info, so if I did that, it would be a LOT of work. I almost threw the idea out.

Then I just happened to see a webinar about writing kids’ books for the Kindle – what an eye opener!

Did you know that there are kids’ books of only 20 pages…half of which are pictures, and the other half one-liner pages???

What??? Can it really be that simple?

I began to think about all the other different things I could write about that have not one thing to do with my life as a coach, artist or radio show host. I could write 2, 4 or 10 page reports! Hey! Who said I had to write 100-page books?!?

So I made a list of all the things I’m good at doing and could write about easily. Then I chose one – cooking! I have some pretty amazing recipes – why not use them to start with?

There are hundreds of how-to books on Amazon – what if I made my favorite recipes into little tiny ebooks? Simple, basic, 2 page ones? And so I started writing.


Stop reading for a minute, and jot down 2, or 4, or even 10 things you’re really good at.

Why? Because I really want you to enjoy your writing. So choose things that you love to do. Things that you could talk about or write about easily – like a simple how-to.

Now, out of those topics you listed, I want you to just choose one. ONE. Because I want it to be simple and easy, and avoid overwhelm.


1. a topic that you’re really good at,
2. that you love to do,
3. that you can explain in simple words,
4. and that people have always complimented you on, asked you about, or wanted from you.

The one people say any of these about:
“Oh, that’s so cool!” or
“Wow, how do you do that?” or
“Can you do that for me, too?” or,
“You’re so good at that, you should sell it!”


1. When I was a kid, people used to ask me to make pencil portraits of them. I was good at it, and I brought in some money each time I did them. But – how could I do that for a Kindle book? I couldn’t see how, nor do I love it enough to write an ebook. So that’s out.

That’s one example of how to eliminate a topic.

2. OK, what then? Hm. Let’s see. I make the world’s most to-die-for home made fudge. It’s the darkest, richest, most addictive, delicious, can’t-help-yourself- from-reaching-for-more-until-it’s-only-crumbs fudge you have ever eaten.

A few years ago, I wrote it down, step by step, and took pictures along the way, and I created an ebook out of it.

But even that’s too complicated. I want it to be easier.

3. Since there are thousands of things you can do in cooking, I decided to take ONE category: soups. What could be easier and more simple?

So in the past 2 weeks, I’ve written out and published three 2-page recipes on Kindle. Three!

Plus, I even wrote a little report on how to swallow pills without gagging! It is a problem for many people, including me. I figured out how to not gag, and I wanted to share my secret.

See how easy it can be?


Pick a topic or subject that is:
•  easiest for you to explain
•  people exclaim the most about
•  you enjoy doing the most
•  a problem people struggle with that you have a solution for
•  and it is very, very simple to write out

See how easy choosing a topic is?

Now I want to share even more with you:
•  how to write your book, booklet or report right
•  how to save tons of time writing
•  how to create a book-selling cover
•  how to publish your book on Kindle

I INVITE YOU to get the 51-minute downloadable AUDIO MP3 recording from the Intro Teleclass for my course: How to Create Passive Income with Your Kindle Books. CLICK HERE to get the audio.

YOU GET The FREE teleclass Audio MP3 in which I show you:
•  WHY publish little books on Kindle
•  WHY I want YOU to succeed using your little books on Kindle
•  HOW to choose what to write and/or create (sooo many choices!)
•  HOW to begin to create your selling book cover
•  WHY to publish it on the Kindle
•  TIPS that keep you from making little goofs that would result in your book getting removed from Kindle
•  HOW to choose the voice you’ll use (expert, interviewer, etc.), and why
•  and a whole lot more….



So these are the first ones I just published – want to see? Woohoo! I’m becoming the Kindle Soup Cooking Queen! Check this out:

Exotic Veggie Soup

Santa Fe Chile-Corn-Potato Soup

India Baked Beans

How to Swallow Pills Without Gagging


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