James Malinchak Shares His Millionaire Heart in a Big Way

Today I got caught. I was doing a quick delete-the-crap from my inbox and, out of curiosity, opened  one from millionaire marketing expert, James Malinchak.

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but ABC tv got a bunch of millionaires to go into unadvantaged neighborhoods, to see and feel with it was like to live and be there. They were to look for people who were doing Good Works.

When these millionaires found people who were doing cool stuff – often people who were disabled or disadvantaged, themselves, courageously doing monumental stuff for others – at the end of the period of exploration, the millionaires revealed themselves and gave the chosen people big checks – some 10, some 20 and some 40 thousand dollars.

Pretty cool. Isn’t it a great thing to build your business and success to a point where you can be generous, too, no matter how much you give in time and/or money?

I totally got caught on the ABC site watching all the clips on the various show segments. Watching certainly raised a whole bunch of questions….

1. Maybe you don’t know this, but here in the US, when you get more than a certain amount deposited to your bank account, your bank is required to notify the IRS (and other grand federal institutions…). Sometimes as little as 5000 will tag you.

Did these generous givers take that into account, and provide help the recipients understand that that would happen … and that half of that check would go to Uncle Sam?

2. As we all have seen time and again, the majority of lotto winners are back to square one – or lower – within 4 years of winning.

I’m wondering if that was considered when those monies were given, and if the givers are going to provide or suggest help in educating those people as to the best, relevant and useful ways to use those funds. It’s be a crying shame to see them make simple mistakes out of sheer financial ignorance that result in their losing what they so deservedly gained.

3. I’m also wondering whether anyone thought of establishing trusts that would be on-going, dispensing funds on a continual basis for these recipients.

Seems like a more far-reaching way to help them than one flash-in-the-pan hunk of money, half of which will disappear into gov pockets.

And of course, help with education as to how to administer those funds, and handling the in-system power-plays and emotions that always arise when bigger amounts of money than people are used to enters the picture.

4. The publicity must have been great for everyone involved – for the station in its role as Good Guys, for the millionaires to show that rich people are not the stereo-typical greedy gus we’ve all been brought up to imagine, and to put the people who were helping other people in the spotlight. All three groups won.

But – now those same millionaires cannot go back as incognito agents of change. Their ‘cover’ has been busted. I’m not saying they’d even want to, but if they did, they are now known.

If it were me, I’d choose to be the millionaire with the bag over my head in the camera shoot, so I could continue to play without all the hoopla. But that’s just my style, I guess, and it wouldn’t make for great tv during the week leading up to the gift, would it? Ah well.

I say congratulations to ABC for doing something so heart-centered; and to the millionaires for their courage and conviction – it took a pretty big leap to spend real time in those neighborhoods!

And I say keep it up to the people whose good works were spotlighted – what a bunch of real heroes, they were.

Thanks for such great heart-centered examples of people doing for people from the heart through practical, doable actions.

aloha –
Angela Treat Lyon


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