Hawaii Tsunami – Not –

Thanks so much to all of you who sent me such warm well-wishes last night about the tsunami. I deeply appreciate your lovely, caring messages both in emails and FB posts!

During the tsunami watch last year, my friend, author Jobie Summer and I spent a day waiting for the Big Wave that never came and had a great time discussing A to Z, biz, marketing and online stuff, etc.

But this time when I had to leave the house in a hurry at midnight, grabbing a few thises and thatses stuffed into the back of my van, it was just me. Much more fun with a friend.

There’s a long, moderate hill about a mile away from my house that overlooks the bay where the wave would have come in. Last year we weren’t allowed to park on the side of the road there, but this time there must have been at least 200 cars parked on both sides of the road.

I walked over to the cliff to see if I could see anything, but all I could see was black accentuated by street and house lights.If a big wave were to actually hit, the entire basin would have been wiped – my house is typical in being no more than 3′ above sea level –

When it started pouring rain, I jumped into the back and arranged my piles of stuff into a little nite-nite nest – unfortunately in the shuffle the tire iron ended up right under my shoulder – but I felt grateful that was the least of my worries.

I awoke around 5 to see everyone slowly disappearing back down the hill, so I figured it must be OK to go back home. No more sirens – Strange that there wasn’t single cop car anywhere – last year they were all over it. Needless to say I was most happy to crawl into bed when I got home.

It’s been an odd day though – usually there are four or five very vociferous birds who hang out near my windows, and they haven’t said a peep all day. I’m keeping my stash in my car just in case – you know what they say about how the animals ‘know’ –

I send my heartfelt love to the people who are struggling and suffering in Japan. What a year so far – and it’s only March! Love and support to  Australia and New Zealand, as well –


Hawaii Tsunami – Not – — 2 Comments

  1. Glad to hear no major damage – especially since a couple towns in CA were hit fairly hard. Being an avid camper who does NOT have a waterproof tent, I had to chuckle about the tire-iron – been there – NOT fun!

    Know what you mean about the birds and such, too, tho – I always watch the local wildlife instead of the weather channel, lol –

    Also happy to hear you got to go back home and rest in bed!

    MANY Blessings, Dear One!