In January, I enrolled in a course to learn how to create sellable surface pattern designs. I’m intending to find out how to create designs I can sell and license to individuals and companies for reproduction on fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper, and you name it, all kinds of products.

I started out trying floral designs, but very quickly felt completely out of synch – and then, the instructor said: “Stories! Tell stories!” And my juices started running!

So I started creating tile designs that are repeats within the tile, rather than repeat tiles put together. The more of these tile images I make the more fun I have!

Tonight I made this one, and had to close my windows I was laughing so loud – can you what he’s doing?

I just laughed and laughed – I mean, really – art is soooo serioussss all the time – let’s have a little fun with it – riiight???

Can you guess what the bottles and jars are? What did he put on his hot dog? And poor Fido – will he only get some crumbs, or will he get a real bite?

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