My Heart Is Broken

drawing of heart broken heart bein fixedI see the world in terms of the Heart – what other way is there to view it if we are to remain at all sane? It has to be the very fundamental core of everything.

Sometimes as I read news items, my heart feels like it’s being ripped and slashed out of me by razor-edged claws.

The only thing that brings me back to being able to function in the world is the love I receive from you and my other readers, and friends around the world I’ve known for many, many years.

What would I do without you all?

Yet it seems like it’s being torn apart, whittled down, sabotaged and blasted apart at every opportunity by the mega-destructive powers that be and the mindless minions who align themselves with fear, hatred and violence.

Love Quotes II bookWe have to remember that Love outlasts everything.

We have to walk with its Grace, and when we get worn down and full of despair, we have to open to Love’s presence, even if it seems as faint and elusive as a whisper in the dark.

My Heart is Broken is an illustration from my book, Love Quotes II. I asked friends on Facebook to send me their favorite quotes on love, and then I used them in the book (attributed, of course – maybe your name is in the book!).

I’m so grateful for your love!

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