No More Living Life Like a Zombie!

Pondering....How do you go about announcing that you feel like you’re coming back from the land of the almost-dead?

Well. Maybe that says it!

See, five years ago, I had two near-fatal internal organ failures. I got into surgery by the skin of my teeth, and somehow I am still here today to be grateful and tell about it.


There were two key things that happened that impacted my life heavily – one in the emergency ward and one after the surgery.

The first one was when the duty doc examined me and found what he assumed to be impossible blood pressure readings. He sat back, shook his head and said, with a loud, very authoritative voice, “You should be dead – I don’t know how you aren’t!”

Something in my system grabbed that sentence and stashed it deep within my being. I didn’t even know the impact it had until this month.

The second one was after the surgery. I gained and gained and gained so much weight that I began to look like a stuffed elephant.

Not that I didn’t try to get my body back to balance again! I did the HCG diet and lost 20 pounds…and then regained 40. I kept trying, feeling more and more frustrated each time. I did this program, that diet, the other cleanse.

Nothing did it for me.

Now though, I have finally found something that really works, and doesn’t make me feel deprived, angry and irritable. I’ve been impatiently waiting to see if it really does work – and hold, because I wanted to show you specific results. And yes, it’s working, and holding! (link to see pix at end of this note)


During a session with my coach, I was asked if there was anything that I could think of that would get in the way of dropping the extra pounds on my body, and getting back into balance physically.

I was shocked and amazed to hear the voice of that emergency ward doctor speaking right in my ear – “You should be dead!”

A part of me had been living as if my life was a secret – if I ‘should’ be dead, someone might catch me! Someone might punish me! Someone might kill me to get me where I ‘should’ be – dead!

How can you live a successful, fulfilled life if part of you believes –
and lives through – junk like that?!?

You can’t! Need to do a little tapping, Angela?

Yup – and you can bet I did!

And don’tcha know it, within a day or two, I had a call from an old friend who introduced me to the metabolic reset program with which I have now (trumpets, please!) dropped 9 pounds and shrunk 9″ overall – so far.

Once you get through the deniers of life parts of you that hang out in your mind, you can start crankin’!


What’s lurking in your mind that needs to be handled so you can live a healthy, fulfilling life?

If you’ve been piling on extra poundage over the years and have done every last thing you could think of to drop it off, let me tell ya – it’s not your body you need to focus on first, it’s your mind.

Once you have one or two of the most powerful detractor-factors taken care of – pow! – the Universe moves to help you fill your desires. If one of them is regaining your strength and health, guess what – the methods to do that will appear!

That’s what’s happened for me. And now, even my neck is smaller by 2.25″ – I mean, who can exercise their neck? It’s just…happened.

Can you say, “Angela’s doing a Happy Dance”?


I’m looking for 5 people who want to clean out old stuff like I did.

If that’s you, let me know. You and I will meet on my conference line and do some tapping to resolve and handle the nay-sayers that keep you from being healthy and feeling fantastic.

I give you the session and record the session for you. You give me the OK to make the audio part of my free offerings to people who decide to use the metabolic reset program. (You can use an alias if you’d like.) That way you can help others who feel the same way you do right now.

Here’s how to find out if you are a candidate for a FREE 20 to 30-minute session with me.

Think about:
•   dropping extra pounds or
•   getting your health back after surgery or
•   getting relief from or eliminating the physical pain you’ve gotten so accustomed to or
•   not spending a fortune on doctors or pain pills anymore and
•   feeling energetic and strong like you haven’t in years….
•   (add your own desire __________________ )

What comes up in your mind?

Does it sound like this?

•   No way – I’ll never be able to look good again.
•   I’m afraid I’ll feel hungry and deprived.
•   I’m too old.
•   I’ve tried everything, it just will never go away.
•   I bet this program won’t handle (fill in with your specific health complaint(s) _______ ).
•   If I get slender, men/women will hit on me again and I’ll feel      really uncomfortable.
•   If I regain my strength I’ll have to start working harder again.
•   My spouse controls the money and s/he’ll just laugh and say, again, “don’t be silly, that last thing you tried didn’t work, why throw good money after bad?”
•   It’s just another thing that works for everyone else on the planet      but me.
•   Add yours _______________________

Anything like that hit your mind?

Yes? Let’s get it handled!

Contact me – just use the red contact form on the left side of this page. (Or, if you don’t see it, go to the Contact tab in the menu at the top of the page.)

Now – PAY ATTENTION! This is what to do:

1. Tell me one to three things you’d like to do – like, drop pounds, eliminate pain, transform your fear of ____ – whatever it is you want to do.

2. Tell me one thing that is standing in your way. Even if it’s, “I don’t know but I know now is the time.”

3. Fill in your contact info and hit send.

I will get back to you with a way to schedule your call with me. And then we will get together and rock and roll, baby!

DON’T WAIT! I don’t know how many will respond to this freebie!

Besides, what if something really could work for you?

What if you really could get your strength and health and fit body back?

What might that be like, eh? Reply now!

You know I love you!

Aloha love from a slenderer, totally more energetic rocket ship me –


p.s. When you read my article on what this reset program did for me, I ask you: please do NOT buy it before talking with me so I can help you get the right program for you and your individual needs. I can help you save time and money. Thanks!


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