Are You Exhausted, Brain-Fogged, Procrastinating? Here’s what to DO!

During the weeks I was flat with pneumonia recently, I had a hard time putting one thought after the next. I didn’t even feel like reading. Now that’s not me at all – you KNOW how much I love to read!

Rebecca Marina MessengerI’m used to having a razor-sharp mind, and I hated feeling so muzzy and non-functional.

Tapping helped, but didn’t quite get at the core of what was going on, and remained frustratingly foggy.

My good friend Rebecca Marina Messenger told me about her teleclass in which I could clear up my head.

She maintained that if your hypothalamus was ‘shrouded’ by any one or all of 3 triggers, you just couldn’t think straight or have the energy you need to get through each day.

She said that by clearing your “Shrouded Hypothalamus,” you could “fix your metabolism, get charged pp, and have brilliant ideas, feel wonderful…”


I was excited – and frankly, a smidge skeptical.

Not that she has ever, to my knowledge, given a useless class! NO!

It was that I really wondered if even one of her classes could bring me out of the oatmeal-for-brains feeling I was having. The muzziness felt so deeply embedded in my head that I was worried I would never be back to my previous clarity.


I got the audio (I had missed the live class) and listened to it – and then I went through it once again, because I was so impressed.

Within 45 minutes my brain felt lit up! I literally felt the cloudiness dissipate into thin air.

My thinking has come back to its original state – maybe even more clear. Ohhhh thank you thank you!

Not only that, but I began to feel like maybe I could get up and do more activity – after lying abed for 8 weeks you get kinda weak. I still need to build strength and endurance back up, but the energy to start doing that is now mine again.



hypothalamusA shrouded hypothalamus can cause :
(Have any of these signs?)
•  Inability to release fat …
•  Slow metabolism …
•  Stuck or cloudy thinking …
•  Inability to focus …
•  Low Sex Drive …
•  Inability to reason, feeling helpless …
•  No motivation – discouragement …
•  Hideous procrastination (cause you just don’t feel like doing anything)

Not fun.

If you’re wondering if you could use a little energy lift and a clearer mind, I suggest you get her class, download it and listen up ASAP.

I know, this sounds like a hoot! It was, believe me! I like having my clear mind back, and I loooove having my energy increasing on a daily basis. Who wouldn’t?

CLICK HERE to read more about the call. And then type the code word angela in the box that comes up on the buy-page – you get 20% savings.


Hi Rebecca,

As a long time Body Code practitioner,  one of the things I do in a session is to test the energetic functioning of organs or glands.  

For curiosity’s sake, I tested the energetic function of my Hypothalamus BEFORE your class.  

It tested at 41% – not good.  

I tested after the class and it had gone up to 100%. Still at 100% 3 days later, and I have gotten a couple long- procrastinated about projects done.  

Linda D.

Go here for details on the class:

It’s about a 90 minute immediately downloadable MP3 recorded audio. You can listen to it any time you want. (I strongly suggest you be at home in a comfy spot, rather than driving, though!)

If this sounds like something you’d like, too, click on the link below and the code word angela in the box that comes up on the buy-page, you get 20% savings.


This is a for-fee class? Yes. Now. Imagine how much time you’ve already lost, and that you’re losing by procrastinating.

Imagine how much money you’re losing by not getting back into your groove. Just a half hour of your time, if you, say, charged 100 bucks an hour, would pay for this audio clearing. Very, very well worth every penny.


It is now three weeks after I listened to her audio. (And I listened to it twice! I literally never do that. But I was so impressed with the fast shift I could feel, I wanted to do it again!)

My energy continues to increase every day, and my mind is back to its steely sharpness. Am I pleased? Better believe it.

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