A Ton of Opportunity….

sm-creativity-2You have probably seen this quote from Albert Einstein: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

Well, this weekend I had a ton of opportunity…. Imagine my horror when I awoke after the night’s huge storm to no phone line and a computer that wouldn’t turn on – when I had a full schedule of clients and emails to get out!

Sometimes the opportunity is really to take the day off. So I did, and as the computer guy fixed my machine, I had a nice day planning out a few things, resting, reading…and holy cow! 90 bucks to fix the ON button? Wow. Well, at least it wasn’t something impossible to fix!

Why is flexibility important? Because I believe that, as I Deepen my experience of walking my talk and Living my Dream, I must stay ultimately bendable and able to slide, run, duck, laugh and fly when needed, be humble enough to know I can’t do it all, and ask for help when I need it.

So I might plan something, but if the Universe says, “Angela, REST!” then you better believe I’m going to rest. And call a buddy for support! (Thanks, Rebecca!)

Being flexible didn’t mean turning into a wet noodle – I didn’t drop the ball on the court or get out of the Game – I still took the computer down to the Mac Hospital, and I still met with my clients using my cell phone. But I cancelled until today the things I had on my schedule that called for sitting in front of the screen (like writing this note) and using the land line.

Are you that flexible? CAN you be? Because if you can be, your life will run more smoothly and you can be happier with yourself, your life and accomplishments. That’s part of living your Deepest Dream.

How do you create your life so you, too, can Deepen your own Dream?

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All of which will add up to your walking away with a mighty connection to your own Dream, even if you don’t even know what it is right now. Even if it’s the first time you’ve ever experienced even a sliver of it.

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