How You Can Have Repeat Passive Income, too

A couple of the people who thought they could show up live in my Juicy Teleseminars program have emailed and said they can’t come in person, and tha they just want the audios and transcripts. On the one hand, it’s … Continue reading

How’s Your Prosperity This Week?

I can’t even begin to tell you how many emails I’ve gotten from people telling me about how this week they have been freaked out, stuck, paralyzed with fear, can’t move forward to do what they know they need to … Continue reading

No More Round Table Tapping Group?

If you have not joined the Round Table Tapping Group yet, you won’t ever be able to from now on. Why not? Because we have been having such a blast and such great results that we decided to rename it … Continue reading

Quit Wanting the Spectacular and Missing Out on What’s Right Inside of You!

Have you noticed how so many people want and expect to ‘make a difference,’ be ‘big,’ be or do something spectacular and important? What if we all just really ‘got it’ that it’s enough to be ourselves and to give … Continue reading