How You Can Have Repeat Passive Income, too

sm-playA couple of the people who thought they could show up live in my Juicy Teleseminars program have emailed and said they can’t come in person, and tha they just want the audios and transcripts.

On the one hand, it’s nice for the few people who did show up because they get my full, undivided attention. They got to make comments, ask questions specific to their own businesses, and get one-on-one help.

On the other hand, I’m wondering if are YOU are missing out by not being there.

On the first call, I showed you how simple it really is to:

  • Use your voice for powerful, heart-filled impact
  • Forget about the hassle finding a niche, because I show you how so easily they almost didn’t believe it!
  • Use your Core Specialty to create really effective programs you’ll LOVE to present and…
  • Deliver them over and over (automatically) for recurring passive revenue streams

What callers said about Call #1:
Maria: I was so reassured about niches, because I’d always been boggled by the very idea of it. You’ve made it sound so easy! I’d felt limited by the idea of choosing one niche, but now I see I’m not at all limited.
Marsha: It was great how you pulled everything together for us, like a complete puzzle.
Tina: I liked the voice Keys, it was very helpful; and your explanation of niches – now I can see how to plan all of my projects.


Somehow I find it really hard to believe someone could invest 695 in a program and not take every advantage of it, like coming on the call live! At least send your call-partner!

So here’s your chance to come on the calls live and get personal attention with your own issues and goals.

And even if you can’t come live, you don’t want to miss out, because I make passive income so much easier for you to create than you’ve ever known was possible.

You’ll discover how to spend less time working so hard as you sing your way to the bank knowing you’ve profoundly helped ten times the amount of people you’re reaching right now.

The first call’s audios are up and ready for you to review before you join us next Friday.

So, I invite you to get the course here, review the first call and bonuses, and join us on Friday at 4pm NY time! I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Even if you, too, want to choose only the audios and goodies, come join us to find out how to create easier and funner and more teleclass profits:

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