How’s Your Prosperity This Week?

waddmIgonnadoI can’t even begin to tell you how many emails I’ve gotten from people telling me about how this week they have been freaked out, stuck, paralyzed with fear, can’t move forward to do what they know they need to do…sound familiar?

It isn’t your fault! If you know anything about astrology, you might know that Mercury has been retrograde lately.

What does that mean? In a nutshell, Mercury effects communication. Retrograde means that its energy is moving bass-ackwards to ours; and will do so for a short time more. Which means forget clear communications and making contracts that work.

So if you have felt pressured or nutso or fearful or…again, it isn’t your fault, It’s JUST ENERGY!

What you need to remember is how you respond is what is important, not whose fault it is. What will you do instead of the behavior you aren’t enjoying watching yourself exhibit?

One of my Round Table members told me that, instead of continuing to use the big old stick she had spent a lifetime beating herself up (inwardly) with, she went down and got one of those sparkly purple magic wands, and decided to create magic instead. Now she’s in the process of actually DOing what she knows she wants to do to create progress in her life and business. Nano step by nano step. That’s all it takes.

How can you do that in your own life? What nasty thing do you continually do to yourself that you could switch into something creative, fun, enjoyable and magic?

Do it!

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