Zoik It?!? What’s That?

Zoik It!A weird thing to change your life with….

I had a dream last week that showed me a little trick to get myself back when I was feeling low.

It was so simple, and so quick, and so profound I thought you’d like to hear about it. But I didn’t want to share it with you until I had tried it out a few times to see if it was consistently functional. And I found that, yes – when I work it right – it is!

When I say “work it right” that means that if you’re not fully present when you do it, it isn’t effective.

Here’s the dream:
I was in a place that was supremely uncomfortable. I was cold, I felt weak, I saw no way out, and was becoming enraged. I seldom get angry, much less enraged, so this was a pretty bizarre-feeling dream. I suppose I was given an extreme example to show me the power of this little trick….

I heard this little buzzing in one of my ears, and reached up to wave it away like it was a mosquito.

But it got louder and louder, and I realized that I was surrounded by a huge choir. I could hear the voices singing, but I couldn’t figure out the words – it sounded like they were singing oy-ee, oy-ee over and over again.

Finally, the group singing stopped, and one single voice, a strong deep voice, came forward and sang to me. As he sang, images projected into my mind that were so delightful and so funny I felt filled with lightness.

At last, as he projected these images, he took my hand and had me practice a very specific movement. As I practiced and visualized what he was showing me, I began to hear the words perfectly – and then could hardly stop laughing when I figured out what they were.

I woke up laughing, and felt so high all day I could barely keep my feet on the ground.

And as I said, I’ve been trying this little move out ever since, and each time, I laugh, get a new perspective on things, and feel much better.

I suppose the usual way to tell you about it would be to hold a teleclass or make an ebook or something, but it’s such fun and so simple I just want to give it to you here.

Warning: Don’t be fooled by its simplicity or by how utterly silly it sounds! If you do this, you may just find yourself feeling great! It’s powerful!

OK – here we go: Imagine yourself in a situation where you didn’t/don’t feel good. Doesn’t matter about what – maybe it’s physical pain, someone ticking you off, hurting your feelings, or maybe you’re feeling broke and helpless, angry or upset – anything will work. Pick a situation that isn’t a huge trauma – for now – you can do this to the Big Ones later on when you get good at this.

Now, you’re imagining yourself in this situation. Notice who is around you, if anyone. Notice what thoughts are going through your mind. Like, “I’m so mad at Harry! Why won’t he listen to me?!?” or “OMG my leg hurts so much! Right there under my knee.” or “I don’t understand why people don’t buy my coaching!” or… you fill in the blank.

If it’s a person, take that person and put him (or her) in a chair next to yourself (if you are alone, imagine looking in the mirror).

If its a situation, put the feeling in the chair, or the limiting thought, habit or belief.

Now you’re going to do two things simultaneously.

Here’s the first thing: imagine that person saying what you’d rather he’d say to you. Then say what you want in response, and imagine feeling great, feeling grateful to be heard, being understood and received. Imagine looking at him with love and an expanded heart – not fake I-should-love-this-guy, but real wide-hearted love, for real.

Here’s the second thing: As you think and see and hear and feel all that beautiful love and intention to feel what YOU want, put your fingertip on his knee and say out loud, “ZOIK!” and watch little yellowy-gold rays of light and love extend right on out of your fingertips into the air, into his leg, into your own body, and into the atmosphere. Watch the rays go out and out and out and out, as you feel the tingling love you just introduced into the world.

Really FEEL it.

How do you feel now?

Were you present with the feelings or did you just do it shallowly? If so, try it again, and allow yourself to really think the thoughts and feel the feelings. See the light from your fingertip go out and out and into everything, healing it all into perfect, loving light-filled zapperoos of love.

I know, I know, “zoik”?

Remember I said that I heard the choir singing something like oy-ee, oy-ee? They were singing Zoik It! Zoik It! Oh my. It sounds so silly. But, so? It works. Try it.

Zoik it!

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