Quit Wanting the Spectacular and Missing Out on What’s Right Inside of You!

pigees-jump3hHave you noticed how so many people want and expect to ‘make a difference,’ be ‘big,’ be or do something spectacular and important?

What if we all just really ‘got it’ that it’s enough to be ourselves and to give being who that is the very best we can? It may be even more than enough.

Why do we feel like we need to make a big splash and change the world? We really don’t, you know.

Just being you is enough. If you are you enough to stand up for yourself or your kids or your co-worker, if you are you enough to enter an art competion, if you are you enough to write an essay about a pet peeve to the NY Times, wouldn’t that be more effective than hiding at home afraid to make a peep? Wouldn’t that make a difference?

One song, one piece of art, one article, one EFT session can….

utterly change the world, starting with little ripples that grow and grow with exponential effect. But the first wave, just a tiny riplet, was started by you!

But then I hear, “but Angela, I really don’t know who I am!”

Sure you do. You’re right there under all that rusty conditioning. What if that rusty conditioning wasn’t there anymore, and you were free to be as silly, smart, talented, experessive, funny, sexy or rich as you wanted to be?

How does it make you feel to think about that? Get a belly-ache or palpitations? What if that was excitement, not fear? Eh? What a concept.

In our local tapping group, we’ve only met three times so far. We’ve been tapping on being 100% us and doing our lives from that space. Being open to the exploration and experimentation of that. I had thought that we might have to do weeks of work on that and on money fears. Everyone consciously tapped on and chose to choose being who they are and to live from that rather than survival as their first choice. And it’s working.

On the third night, I was amazed when we did our beginning-of-the-meeting check-in, and not one of the group felt fear around money anymore. In only 2 weeks, with some powerful tapping, we’re out of fear and ready to rock and roll!

Two had already set up a way to do some important socially responsible investment work together, another decided to start exploring her art again….

Think about how it would be for you to simply be your True You, saying no thank you to things to which you used to be unable to say no.

Think about just doing your best to serve your clients and customers as best you can, without comparing yourself to some internet marketing guru or online marketing master. What a relief!

I implore you, please avoid using fame, amounts of dollars or huge piles of testimonials or sales as your measure of success.

I believe that success is how your heart feels as you go to sleep at night. It’s being able to call the shots in your life. It’s being able to laugh when the chips fall sideways because you know you can pick them up and re-set them at any time, according to your own choices.

It’s being able to feed yourself and the ones you choose to support easily and effortlessly. It’s being comfy and warm and dry by chooice, and able to do what you want when and where you want. That’s success. How many times did I mention choice? Hmmm – maybe it’s an important component of being You! But  you know that already!

Yes, many people are impressed with the new, the spectacular, the ‘make 6 and 7 figures’ courses and products.

But if you’re going to put the thought, time and effort into your work without taking stock of you first, finding out how much energy it takes to do your biz, how much time you want to spend on it and be with your family and having fun and….well it all adds up sometmes to feeling wrecked!

Do you need that?

What if you were a little, small-time health practitioner with a very full biz? That’s making a difference! You may not have clients from East Tasmania or Bangor or Machu Picchu on your list, but – so? You’re getting results and helping people. That’s what counts.

I send you my deepest love for your deepest self, and remind you please, don’t take normal for one more second. You are NOT average – you are you. Be you, be boldly you, and have a ball at it as you create your internal and external success.

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