99 for 99….


If you are an entrepreneur, energy, EFT or health practitioner or coach, this is for you!

What if someone gave you a major boost in your business succes right now?

What would it do for your business if you could get the guidance you need in order to get off the ground, out of that stuck place or off that plateau?

See, I think each of us has an awesome responsibility as coaches and energy practitioners and people who help others. I believe we need to 1. do what we’re really good at and serve through that; and 2. get the awareness out about that. If we don’t, how can the people who want our services, help and guidance find or use us? They can’t!

Being ‘successful’ at your business is not about you, personally. It’s about the fact that you have been good to your word and provided valuable services, and have gotten the word out about it enough that people foound you and were served by you.

The common compensation for that is usually money, and the spreading of the word about you. So when you think of the word ‘money,’ it’s a very narrow view to think, “I shouldn’t make money off my service,’ or ‘I can’t be spiritual if I make money,’ or I should give it all away for free.’ That’s mistaken thinking.

All money is doing is greasing the skids so you can keep doing what you do best. And if you are so good at it that you start to make more than you need, you can joyfully turn around and help others do it, too. Not too bad an idea, eh?

Or maybe you think of marketing as intrusive, pushy or hard to do. What if I told you that all it is in truth is a building of relationships. Where each time you got together with anyone, it’s an opportunity to shine with how much you adore what you do. That’s excting!

Instead of introducing yourself by saying something dull and unexciting like, “I’m an energy practitioner,” and seeing people’s eyes glaze over, what if you said, “I help small business owners create outstanding success where their highest values shine through every aspect of their products and services”? Do you see how that would generate more interest and keep the focus off you and onto what you do for them?

Are you already at a good place and just need a little boost to get up to the next step?

Great! I want to be there by your side, providing a solid platform of support with my own knowledge, skills and expertise in business and marketing and the use of energy practices to help you move forward like greased lightning. We need you and your skills! Don’t hold them back!

jump2-5Imagine if you got started out of that hole right now!

Imagine jumping off that plateau right now!

Well, I want to help you get there, so I’m doing the unheard of!!

I know there are those of you who only need a small boost to get going in a big way, and for some my regular session fees of $575 each, or the usual $757 a month package for three months doesn’t work. But there’s a way around that…

Maybe you never thought of this: just three 45-minute sessions with me are enough to set you up for 6 to 12 months because I give you so much business and marketing info and very deep tapping support.

Since there are so many people who need that boost, I’m doing an experiment…

I’m going to make 99 sessions available for $99 each. How do you like them apples? Here’s a chance to get my best support and not break your bank.

You can sign up for one, three, ten – as many as you like (you can even start with three, so we can get your next 6 months lit up and rocketing away).


Before: “I need more clients and don’t know how to get them with my small email list…”

After: When we got off the phone yesterday [after our tapping on getting new clients calling me] I checked my email to find a session request from a new client!



Here’s what you get in your 45 minute session(s):

  • Get absolutely clear on how to clarify and align your ideals, expectations and goals

What’s important about that? Well, obviously if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re going no where but where you are. Ouch. Let’s get you solidly ON your own Path and light up your Map.

  • Discover the exact steps that are perfect for you to take to reach your goals

How many times have you begun something and gotten stuck, side-winded or even thrown backwards? You have to know what to do first, then next and next and next, or you get all twisted up, frustrated and discouraged.

I help you determine exactly what to do overall, and the mini and even nano steps to get there. You discover how to do that yourself in the easiest way possible so you feel the power of self-choice and real creation at its best. It’s funny how nano steps can turn into a quantum jump!

  • Find and cheerfully erase setback and holdups and see for once and for all how to create your perfect success

How many times do you say, “I need to get rid of this anger (fear, baggage, etc.)”? What if all that was just raw, creative energy hiding a very powerful secret that, once I unlock it for you, your life will literally never, ever be the same again? And will shine like you never, ever dreamed it could? I have a feeling you’d like that….

  • I also will reveal to you all the proprietary and behind-the-scenes marketing info that I feel you can use either right away or down the line (these are tips and tactics that I virtually never share with anyone except my Millionaire Marketing MasterMind pals).

I’ve had over 40 years in business. Many of those years were down and dirty discouraging years where I didn’t know up from down. And I sure learned a LOT from those years! Enough that I have pulled out into a completely new realm of success I didn’t know I had in me.

I want that success for you, too. So I don’t hold back. I openly share with you the same tips and tactics I use, myself, in giving teleclasses, speeches, writing and publishing books and ebooks, creating and editing audios, making products and groups of products, websites, marketing….you get it. It’s yours for the asking.


Before: “I can’t seem to focus, don’t know what to do or what steps to take, and I feel like it’s all too much for me…”

After: You have kept me focused and on track and that is good!  I know what to do next and am anxious to get on with it – it is no longer a “big deal” – it has shrunk to a manageable size that I can handle from here.  Thank you for helping that happen.


I invite you to poke your head out of where you are right now long enough to see the world with a bigger eye.

I invite you to allow me to come along with you for one or more sessions where I can show you your blind spots and help you clear them and re-engage your True You energy.

And I invite you to step INTO a whole new level of success, so you can do what you do best as you serve the planet and be so successful you can turn around and offer others who want to do the same a big hand. Sounds like fun to me!

You get inspired and energized in each session, and get off the phone buzzing with new juice.

I record each and every session, so you can re-listen, review and take close notes and implement the strategies and tactics you get.

These will go fast! So – Get yours now: $99 Click HERE
You may want to sign up for more than one.

YES! THERE IS A WAITING LIST! Make sure you sign up as soon as you can, because otherwise you may be stuck on the waiting list way out in June – it’s going to take a while to do all 99 sessions, and you probably don’t want to be at the end!

You’ll find out how to easily schedule your session after you sign up.

I may not ever do this again for so low a fee, so get yours now while you can! I really look forward to working with you!

Get yours now: $99 Click HERE

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99 for 99…. — 2 Comments

  1. HI, Angela.
    What if I sign on for 3 coaching sessions at $99 each and
    after I’ve finished with the 3 sessions, I decide I need more
    sessions. Will I be able to continue on with you at $99 per session? 2) Would I need to pay you for all 3 sessions right now?

  2. Thanks for your good questions. As long as the 99 For 99 is open, yes, you can sign up for more. Of course you can get one at a time, but it’s best to get as many as you can at once so you can hold your place – these are moving fast, and I’m not sure how long they will last.