Are You Truly Open to Receive, or Could There Be More?

Today as I worked with someone on opening up, she said she felt jealous of other coaches she sees who are “doing so much better” financially.

“I feel so jealous, because I’ve spent so much time and energy on my website and my marketing, but look what THEY’re doing and how much THEY make! How come I’m not doing that!”

She said, “I’m so angry that I work so hard for not enough return. It’s like there’s a huge boulder in my path.”

We had to laugh as soon as she said “not enough”, because in truth, she is very well-off. But it’s all perception, isn’t it?

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And who’s speaking when you say those things?

It isn’t you-as-the-adult-in-this-time-and-space!

It’s you as a kid, from a 5-year old’s perspective, or you’re hearing an echo of what you heard your parents say, or your ex or your teacher…but it ain’t YOU. The real you, the indestructible Real You at your core.


Do I really have to ask? We tap! Of course!

Problem is, the whole thing could be so deep it’s hard to get at, so maybe you’ve tapped, but haven’t gotten very far.

That’s why my teleclass will help you so much – I’m going to give you the MAP so you can find the key to parts of your own inner sanctum you haven’t been able to reach before – no matter how old your inner doubt, fear, resistance or rage is.

PLEASE NOTE: I didn’t say I would heal you or do it for you – I’m going to do better – I’m going to show you how, so you can do it later without me.

Much more empowering.

Yes, there is value in having a coach – your coach holds the space for your perfection and reminds you of it when you forget, so you can come back to you.

She can call you out if you stray from the path you say you want to stay on and help you start running again instead of slogging through the mire of fear, doubt, resentment or rage.

And she can point out the blind spots you can’t see because you’re inside of them, so you can handle them and come on out and see yourself clear.

That’s what I do for you. So if you feel like you deserve more in life and just are not getting it, perhaps there’s a little part of you that needs to grow up a bit, and get with the program!

“I CAN’T….”

Ask yourself: do I see others succeeding and feel a little (or big!) twinge of jealousy… or do I maybe ask myself or my friend, “How come they can do all that and I can’t?”

Or maybe you think, “What’s wrong with me?” or “I’ll never be able to have that ____ , or that much, or that many clients, or that much peace, or that much fun or lack of hard work….”

Or maybe you’re angry – towards ‘them’ or yourself or whoever….

If you do any of those things, even a little, you’re holding back energy you could be using to dream up wonderful dreams, do great things, and feel terrific about your life.

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BECAUSE… when you’re stuck thinking jealous thoughts, feeling resentment, anger or fear, you’re taking the energy that you could be using to create and stabbing yourself in the belly with it!

Who was it who said, “resentment is like taking poison and waiting for someone else to die”?

Imagine eating your own creative energy and then not letting it come out of your hands and voice – slowly but slowly it poisons you because it’s stagnant and stifled! Yugh! Is that what you really want?


You get:
•  a way to recognize what’s happening (because sometimes we get stuck in old stuff and don’t realize it)
•  a simple way to start getting yourself free from jealousy, rage and resentment and stuckness
•  a funny thing to do with your tongue that helps you Dream better
•  a way to sit to begin to flow more energy

…so you can truly:

> !! – Be SAFE doing it, and
> !! – TRUST that it will last.

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