RANT: The Time is NOW.

In 1988, multiple countries and an unlikely combination of organizations combined efforts to rescue 3 California Grey Whales were trapped in ice, with only one small air hole, five miles from the open sea.

Without more breathing holes, they would die.

Native Inupiat Tribal members worked with Greenpeace, the Oil Companies, the National Guard, and even the Russian Navy to set the whales free.

It was an extraordinary effort. (read more here: http://www.squidoo.com/witnessing-the-big-miracle-in-barrow-alaska)

Today I saw an article that made me think of all the comments we make about each other – whether mean, bashing, funny, conspiracy-based, kind, degrading, inspiring, etc. – about ourselves, the gov, politics, black/white issues, the environment, men/women, fat/skinny, drugs, alcohol, abortion, same-sex issues…

Reading the article the post linked to took my breath away.  It was suddenly so crystal clear that all of those issues are utterly meaningless if we lose the planet.

Oh, but Angela! We’re not going to lose it!

Oh yeah? Here’s the link. Read and think again – and PLS SHARE!:


This critical issue has been kept from the public for too long.

It may have been all fine and good to say “we don’t want to panic anybody,” or, “we need to assess this longer.”

But the time has come for every single man woman and child of us to see the danger in this situation.

Not to become balled up in paroxysms of fear and dread and helplessness. That would be purposeless and defeating. Might as well give up right now.


We need to rally.

Humans are good at rallying. And we’re really, really good at it in the face of extreme duress.

I know you can think of at least one effort people who didn’t know each other from anything came together and created a difference for someone or something.

I don’t know of anything going on right now that matches the duress of THIS situation.

That plant blows, we go.

Fried, baby. Won’t be water but a fire next time – isn’t that what the song said years ago?

Is it the end?

Could be, but I say No.

It’s the beginning.

It’s a chance for all of us to get off our selfish positions, give up our you-should-do-it-my-way BS, you-should-think-the-way-I-think, worhsip-the-way-I-do… so we can get together self-less-ly and create a workable solution.

How magnificent would that be?

If a combination of people who have knowledge and expertise can get over their petty crap and get together and work on this…if we can do that for 3 little whales, what can we do for the planet?

I fully trust that the individuals who have the knowledge, experience, expertise and talents to solve this problem will respond.

That’s why I ask you to share this note. Because in truth, we are not 6 degrees of separation form someone who can help, but only 2.

So if you know someone who could help, or someone who knows someone who has experience and could offer help, let ‘er rip and send this to them. You don’t have to include my letter – just send the link!

And then the rest of us can support them in the cleanup of what looks to me like a lynchpin problem for our home and for every single one of us.


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