New Coaching Marketing Paradigm: Exciting or Intimidating?


Have you noticed how many people are getting into the video-squeeze page and multiple freebies thing to sell their coaching services?

I think the level of technology and excellence is pretty amazing and inspiring. I love seeing how people are taking the use of available tool all the way with so much gusto.

AND…I’m wondering how you feel about what you do to get your own stuff out there when you see others doing that level of work?

Possibly inadequate or frustrated because you don’t know how to do it?

Or maybe overwhelmed with the amount of work it seems to take to do that level of marketing?

I’d like to know. Because if you feel upset, and like the marketing in the coaching world has grown past your ability to participate…like it’s becoming too-too, you’re not alone.

I feel that whether you want to create a multi-million-dollar coaching empire or a small, cozy, informal nest of help for a few people, or anything in between, it’s all good.

BUT – I don’t want you to give up on getting your work out there just because you feel intimidated, or that you have to do your marketing like the people who are creating sooper-dooper sites, squeeze pages and videos.

Just do what it takes for you with your talents, gifts and skills to do your marketing in a way that pleases YOU.

Any way you do it, it’s essential to claim your space in the marketplace, even if it’s a little out-of-the-way table in the corner of the bazaar. Claim it, be proud of it, and make sure you keep getting the word out about your valuable services.

You help people. It’s important.

Personally, I’m not about to jump through the sooper-dooper website, videos, freebie tutorials hoops.

Because I like simplicity. I don’t want to spend my time making videos and getting people to make fancy website pages. It’s a LOT of work, even if you do have a team – you still have to supervise!

And, instead of wanting 40 million people on my list and setting up 4 huge live events a year and several levels of coaching and … well, it’s too much for this brain.

I don’t want a huge empire. I like small groups, and small numbers of 1-1 clients. I don’t need to eat, sleep, drink and breathe my coaching business 24/7, or build a million-dollar industry around my coaching.

What do you feel about all that? 

What do you need in order to further your business without put a monstrous amount of time and energy into marketing?

I’d love to hear your views, because I want to support you in getting the word out about your work, and I need to know what’s up for you.

I INVITE YOU TO bitch, moan, groan, disagree or agree and even offer great suggestions by using the comment box below!

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Remember I love you!
aloha –

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  1. Angela! I love what you ahve to say about overwhelm!…and I love the idea of a small “boutique” coaching business. We need more folks like you to help us cut thru all the hoo-rah,

    You go girl!