Taking My Own Advice So I Can LIVE My Dream….Rah! Rah!

Rah! Rah! = Live Your Dream!

This is for you if you have been scared pattoey-less about diving into a commitment to your Calling.

Doesn’t matter what that is for you – whether you’re a numbers-cruncher or an artist or a coach or a model railroad afficianado…if you feel Called, it’s Time for you to Dive Deeper.

Because when you – we – dive deeper, we expand the Happiness Continuity vibes on the planet. No kidding.

Each of us is like a boat racing through water – our wakes affect everything in the vicinity, and the ripple effect goes out for miles.

Imagine if there were 500 (5,000, 5,000,000!) Happiness Boats with giant, delightful wakes – that’s us! Whew.

Last week, I decided I’d put a whole lot more time into making and marketing my artwork. Making stuff is my natural calling. I just do it. I never had to be urged to do it – images and ideas just flow from mind to thought to fingertips automagically.

But making that commitment to doing more of it and easing back from coaching and biz training scared the living daylights out of me – at first.

Then I remembered (see? whatever level of mastery you have attained, there’s

always the challenge to stay focused and alert to the energy) that I just needed to face the energy and the bass-ackwards thoughts and beliefs I’d held since forever about being able to “make it” as an artist.

Isn’t that just really silly? Someone whose Calling is being a Maker is…not “making it”? I had to laugh when I realized I was thinking that one!

I was really busy thinking of myself as a practically invisible, failed artist who felt frustrated about getting seen and heard and her work sold. That was my Old Story (remember last week’s Old Story note?

So I redefined what I wanted my reality to be, and I  chose to live as if I was in truth a highly respected, in-demand, financially-well-off Artist whose work is sought and bought and collected and shown all over the planet. (Yes, I have done that as a coach, but never as an artist.)

I asked myself what she would be doing in order to be, do and have that Dream.

(Read carefully now, because even though I’m speaking as an artist here, you can apply these same questions and to-do things, no matter what field you’re in.)

1. Well, this Successful Artist who feels like her work is her Life’s Calling would be talking to more people about her work! Out popped a list of people to contact – collectors from my past, galleries, allies, etc.

(Who can you call, email, visit, have coffee with, and start talking about how excited you are about what your work does for people?

Like, “I’m so excited because my work seems to help people feel a sense of fun and lightness. One person said, ‘Angela, your art hits my Happy Spot!'”

What do your clients and customers say to you about what they get from you?)

2. And this Successful Artist would have an up-to-date, easily navigable website to show her work. Next list: create an up-to-date gallery site, and all that entails.

(How’s your website? Is it attractive? Up to date? Got your photo on it? Appealing, magnetic copy? Simple and easy to navigate? Short, easy-to-communicate URL?)

3. And this Successful Artist would have some kind of way to invite people in to her world. Next idea: design a simple, attractive, attention-pulling postcard for an invitation to celebrate my Grand Re-Opening (making one for print and even e-postcards).

(Have you signed up for Sendout Cards yet? Do you have cool images you can use that make you distinctive in your niche? How do you invite people in – think of a way that feels really comfy and good to you.)

See how easy that was?

Just those few things took my mind off of ME and put it onto Do This and Do That so I could focus on the creation of my Dream.

And at the end of the day, I could feel like I actually accomplished Something and that I was really On My Way.

HERE’S THE ESSENCE: As soon as you find yourself thinking “why am I such a failure? Why am I not making enough money? What am  doing wrong? I can’t afford…whatever….” STOP IT!

Take a breath and say, “Well, that was fun! Thanks, Old Story, for showing me where I was at so I can shift right now!” And…

…ask yourself, instead, “What’s one thing can I do RIGHT NOW to get just a nano-step further towards my Dream?”

>>> Because…the INSTANT you stop poor-me-ing yourself into downward spiraling thoughts, you start yipee-me-ing yourself into ascending into higher realms of being.

Ascension. It’s so simple. Yet we think of it as some religious, unattainable state, or some metaphysical, gurus-only way of living.

Its right here. IT’S RIGHT HERE! Grab it. Don’t let your thoughts go downwards any more!

COOL THING TO DO: Call a friend and arrange a Rah! Rah! agreement. Then when you feel your thoughts slipping again, call that friend up and say (loudly), “I feel like cr*p and I can’t catch myself, I need a Rah! Rah!”

I stumbled on doing that last week. My buddy Ileana called me, and she mentioned she felt like cr*p. Instead of saying, “Ohh, I’m sorry…” my mouth just blurted out, “Woohoo! RAH! RAH! A new opportunity for growth!”

She started laughing, and we said, Rah! Rah! after each time she said what she was complaining about. It was such fun! And she felt better in only a few minutes. We just yelled Rah! Rah! after everything we said – it was hilarious.

I know, ya hadda be there. But listen – vibes. It’s all about vibes. Start seeing the humor of life instead of the tragedy. Quit crying the blues and start yelling the rahs. (We decided she was Lady Rah! Rah!….)

I think I’ve about used up my share of !!!!!s for this time, wouldn’t you say? But the point is:

Focus on your Dream. Go for it. Focus on your Dream. Go for it. Focus on your Dream. Go for it. Focus on your Dream. Go for it.

Got that?

Remember I love you!

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