Link Shorteners Making Your Emails into (ugh!) Spam?

Thanks to subscriber Paul Buelens, who just sent me an article that talks about links affecting your email deliverability because of spammers using

Darn it. I loved being able to see how many people actually click on my links and where they come from.

Anyone got a shortener you recommend? and are OK – are there any others out there that you personally use to shorten your links, track your clicks and see where the clicks came from?

Feel free to add your comment / suggestion here.


Link Shorteners Making Your Emails into (ugh!) Spam? — 1 Comment

  1. G’day Angela,
    Glad you read my email. The best way to do redirects is with a redirect of your own where you are in full control and have all the stats you want. Register the shortest url possible like or or whatever and have a look at the Easy Redirect Script:
    This script cost $77- but is well worth it.