Dr. Stephen West, Daring Dreamer

dr-stephen-westThe Daring Dreamers Showcase Presents: Interview with Daring Dreamer Dr. Stephen West

•   How did Dr. West bring back to life a man who was pronounced dead for an hour & a half & already on ice?

•   What exactly happens inside your body when you are shocked or traumatized?

•   Why is that so vitally important – whether it is a physical, mental or emotional shock or trauma?

•   What system inside your body is bigger than, and just as important as your blood circulatory system?

I heartily invite you to listen in on my interview with Dr. Stephen West of PowerHeal.com and discover what the incredible answers are to these questions.

Get to it here: http://IDareYouRadio.com/dr-stephen-west-power-heal

Also, find out:
•   the real reason why so many people experience obesity, edema, joint pain and -itises of all kinds
•   why candida is OK to have (to a point)
•   how you can help yourself resolve physical, mental and emotional issues using his process
•   what chemicals to absolutely avoid in your personal care products because of what they do to your cells

I was skeptical of his claim that he gets 100% results. I’m going to go to his events here in Honolulu next week and check out his process – he says he does a mass group heal at each event – should be interesting.

If you live in Hawaii, he’ll be in Honolulu on the 25th through the 28th – join me for 3 FREEbie nights and an all-day on Saturday – he sure has MY curiosity up!

Here’s where you can check times, days, locations on his event schedule: http://PowerHeal.com

Dr. West stresses that if you are a chiropractor, massage therapist or energy worker, this process will increase your effectiveness big-time. Might want to come to his event – or create one in your area for him.


Dr. Stephen West, Daring Dreamer — 2 Comments

  1. Angela, Hello!

    What did you think of Dr West’s Zero Disease workshop and material that was taught?????

  2. Thanks for your Q – actually, I only got to go to his intro night. I had other commitments the other 2 nights and the Saturday that he presented.

    I was impressed with his depth of knowledge; and he adjusted my spine with a one-two touch on either side of my butt (!) and the adjustment has held in place longer than any chiropractor has ever gotten it to do – and my lower back is now out of pain completely. Sound good?

    I also have been using my mini-trampoline with his ideas of how to breathe and what to envision as I do it, and the swelling I was having such a bad time with in my ankles is almost gone.

    Aloha –