Honey Breath

happy-dance-1colorA simple exercise that will help you feel great:
1. Stop right now, take a little breath just to relax a bit
2. Rest your hands in your lap
3. Uncross your legs
4. Put your feet flat on the floor (better yet, the earth)
5. Sit up straight without being rigid
6. Gaze gently and casually at the sky
7. Imagine it is as sweet as honey
8. Pretend your pores are drinking in the entire sky as you gaze & take a deep breath in through your nose.
9. Imagine, feel or think about all that sweetness completely soaking into you.
10. Allow it to fill all of you up with each breath
11. Allow the sweetness to seep back out of all your pores and watch it rejoin the sky
12. As you exhale out of your mouth, allow any thoughts, emotions or ideas you don’t like, any pain, toxins or pollutants to gently go out.
13. Just allow them to go out of you, and keep your main focus on the sweet.
14. Allow yourself to BE Sweetness.

Keep breathing gently like this for a minute or two, and see how you feel.

Do this with anything you like – the sky, flowers, the ocean, a sweet breeze, the smile of a child, the idea of deep health, the feeling of inner richness, inspiration or a recent success, the memory of someone’s hug….

And remember that I love you!

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