DO Something!

computer-joyLately I’ve been cruising Facebook a bunch. Probably too much. I get hooked by the posts on what’s happening out there in the world.

Many of them are really upsetting to me – reports of heinous things people do to each other, and what we, human kind – or rather, humans-not-so-kind – are doing to the planet.

But what upsets me the most is the multitude of people who believe there is nothing they can do about anything.

They whine, bitch and complain, but never offer any viable solutions to anything. Nor do they make any attempt to sign petitions or support the movements already in place that are directed towards resolving what these people are moaning about.

Those upsetting things just keep on keeping on, with people sitting on their butts, watching, complaining or being critical, but doing nothing.

Complaining is great – but only if you do it enough to fully see and understand what it is you really, really do NOT want in the world or in your life.

But then it’s time to ask yourself, “what would I prefer, instead? And what is at least one step I can take towards creating what I prefer?”

We are very, very definitely not helpless.

Even such a small thing as signing an online petition is helpful. I used to scoff and laugh, thinking online petitions were a farce. But in the past couple of years I have seen some mighty victories achieved because thousands of people were concerned enough to put their names on petitons about issues they cared about.

As long as we ONLY bitch moan and complain,
nothing will get done to resolve any conflict.

But once we get off the poor-me story line,
things can actually happen powerfully fast. 

So I urge you to look at what you don’t like in the world, and pick one issue you feel strongly about. Decide what you’d rather see. And now start speaking up about it.

Start discussing it with your friends, your co-workers and acquaintances. Because most people are very aware of what’s going on, and feeling as helpless as you are. It takes courage to open a subject of discussion up and take a stand.

If you think about what we can lose in the next five years, it’s worth being brave.

My favorite unfavorite right now is the disaster at the nuclear power station in Fukushima, Japan. If those fuel rods go off, we’re looking at nuclear winter from a blast 14,000 times the one in Hiroshima in 1945. THAT is scary. And makes me feel very helpless.

However, I believe whatever we create we can fix or improve. We created this problem, we can improve the situation. But we need to speak about it and not sweep it under the rug the way it’s been over the last 2 years. We need to do it NOW.

If you see the petitions going around on social media about Fukushima, asking international governments to step up and put scientists and experts out there to help, please sign it. Pass it on. We really CAN make a strong, significant difference.

Take a stand for what you believe in.

Whether it’s fighting women being trafficked, raped or abused, plastic pollution in the ocean, wild mustangs being eradicated, animals being mistreated, GMO foods, Monsanto, organic gardens being ripped out by stupid city councils, coral reefs being destroyed – choose  one thing, decide what you’d like to see, take a stand and speak up. And do it right NOW.

If you’d like to see what I speak up about, go here:

and remember I love you!

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