How to Get Unstuck Easily and Quickly for Clear Mind and Energy

how dare you? what a nerve!Over the past few weeks, many of you have written me saying you feel stuck right now. Yes. It’s the change of seasons, and if you understand such things, it’s also Mercury retrograde. You’re not alone.

Dealing with being stuck has been a very common theme in my life. I used to want to end my life, before I found EFT. That’s been gone for 12 years now, and I don’t miss it it a whit, I can tell you!

Over the years when I did feel like exiting the planet just to be rid of the despair I felt, I developed a few tried and true ways to deal with stuckness.

I want to share with you a couple of my tiny but powerful exercises that I know will work for you, too. I’ve used them a lot this summer as I struggled with intermittant illness and fatigue, and what a blessing they have been!

Here’s what to do….

1. Stretch a little.

I really do mean a little, too.

•  Get out of your chair
•  Walk to the center of the room
•  Stand with straight back and feet about shoulder-width apart
•  Put your attention in the center of your belly
•  Slowly reach to the ceiling as you breathe in
•  Hold your hands above your head palms together
•  Take a deep belly breath
•  Slowly let your arms down as you breathe out
•  Let them hang relaxed at your side
Repeat 4 more times.

(If you know yoga, do the Salutation to the Sun. If you know T’ai Ch, Chi Gung or some other martial art, do a few moves.)

Why stretch? Because when you feel stuck, your body is stuck energetically. You need to get the energy moving. This is one of the simplest ways to do it, even if you know no yoga at all.

When your energy gets moving, your blood gets moving and your brain gets more oxygen…and suddenly your thinking clears and ideas for new possibilities can emerge. And hey! Stuckness is a thing of the past.

2. Write something. Anything.

A. Write.


…..a. Write down your basic stuckness problem on a sheet of paper.

Do NOT type your stuckness problem on your computer or other device.

Why? Because I want your body to participate so your kinesthetic senses are involved.

…..b. Now write down what the perfect solution to your problem would be, whether or not you believe you can actually have it or make it happen. Write it down.

B. Do

Go to a shelf, bookcase, closet, corner, drawer or any part of your home or office that needs a little clearing up or organizing.

Do NOT choose something that would be a huge all-day project! Just pick something that would take maybe 15 minutes max to organize.

For example:
•  Straighten out your shoes – even if you only have 2 pairs.
•  Rearrange your pens and pencils on your desk.
•  Straighten out your stacks of printer paper.
•  Refold ONE drawer of shirts.
•  Clean out and refill the dog/cat bowls.
•  Go out to your garden and choose ONE plant and cut off the deadheads on it.
•  Or cut some flowers from it and put them in a vase.

Get the picture? LITTLE things to do, but that do not take up your entire day.

Why do these things? Because – once again – it gets you out of your chair and moving. Plus it gives you the added feeling that you accomplished something of value as you got unstuck.

Do NOT overdo it!

Please don’t make a project out of straightening or cleaning your entire house – if your energy has been stuck, you won’t have the energy to do all that! You’ll end up feeling more tired, more frustrated than when you started!

    C. Write Again.

When you’re done, go to your piece of paper and write out THREE tiny things you can do that will propel you towards the positive result you wrote down at first in part b. And then DO them!


dreamingDon’t push yourself farther than your body can handle! If you feel like your brains have turned to mush and you see yourself running around like crazy, give yourself a break!

Take 5 or 15 lying on the couch, and allow yourself to breathe softly and deeply.

I say this to my body before I lie down for a nap where I want to snooze a bit: “please wake me up in (15, 30, or 45 minutes) refreshed and full or clarity and energy.” It works.

You’ll be amazed at what 15 minutes will give you – even if your kids are still running around and making noise. You don’t have to sleep – all you’re doing is allowing your body to rest.

I hope these tips have helped – you deserve clear thinking, unstuck energy and a rested body!


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