During this last two years, I’ve watched closely as I and many others have lost income, gained way too much weight, lost our health, got horrifically off track in biz, and felt generally unfocused, exhausted, uninspired and discouraged. I decided … Continue reading

How to Get Unstuck Easily and Quickly for Clear Mind and Energy

Over the past few weeks, many of you have written me saying you feel stuck right now. Yes. It’s the change of seasons, and if you understand such things, it’s also Mercury retrograde. You’re not alone. Dealing with being stuck … Continue reading

Getting Unstuck – with Gusto!

The MONEY MAVERICK TELECLASS Audios and Transcript are ready now for the Getting Unstuck System! Get it here: Get Unstuck – and be able to keep getting unstuck every time! Linda T., who helps kids use tapping to regain … Continue reading