During this last two years, I’ve watched closely as I and many others have lost income, gained way too much weight, lost our health, got horrifically off track in biz, and felt generally unfocused, exhausted, uninspired and discouraged. I decided … Continue reading

Dr. Joe Dispenza: How to Change Your Mind & Create Your Own Reality

What happens when you’re run over by a truck, break 6 bones in your back, and you refuse to get the steel rod your doctors want to insert into your spine? Dr. Joe Dispenza, who starred in the amazing movie … Continue reading

Pamela Bruner, Millionaire Energy Coach: 5 Steps to Success

Three and a half years ago, EFT Practitioner and Marketing Expert Pamela Bruner was making $375 a month – if she was lucky. She calls that phase of her business her “imaginary coaching business” phase, because at 375 a month, … Continue reading

Sir Ken Robinson: How School Squashes Creativity, Why that’s Bad for the Future & What to Do About It

Recently I watched a couple of TED ( videos with Sir Ken Robinson. He talks about how our educational system squashes out kids’ passion and creativity (if you’re creative at all, you know what he’s taling about!). He says in … Continue reading

How Do You Get So Much Done?

Do you…have a project that has been on hold since the dinosaur ages (and wonder if you’ll EVER get around to actually doing it)? Do you…get distracted easily and lose the plot…and then kick yourself for not getting what you … Continue reading