Sir Ken Robinson: How School Squashes Creativity, Why that’s Bad for the Future & What to Do About It

Recently I watched a couple of TED ( videos with Sir Ken Robinson.

He talks about how our educational system squashes out kids’ passion and creativity (if you’re creative at all, you know what he’s taling about!).

He says in time, as we go through our educational system, our bodies become “just a means of transport for our heads;” and that as we get older, we are “educated from the waist up…the head up…and one-sided” at that, and as adults, we “endure, rather than enjoy” our lives.

Ouch! Is life really worth living like that? I say it’s time to get “dis-enthralled” with how we were taught and on with being enticed by and enthralled with our gifts, talents and passions! Yeah! Want to see?

Here’s the first one. Go to youtube, because his series is there – watch ’em all! He’s awesome!

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