How Do You Get So Much Done?

Be More Productive Make More MoneyDo you…have a project that has been on hold since the dinosaur ages (and wonder if you’ll EVER get around to actually doing it)?

Do you…get distracted easily and lose the plot…and then kick yourself for not getting what you were doing done?

Or do you often stall, or focus on something other than what you need to do or know you must get done?

Do you…feel frustrated because you know you ‘should’ create a freebie report or an ebook or a coaching course but don’t know where to begin…or when to do it…or how…or even what to write?

If so, then you’ll love this, because I’d like to share some of my key secrets of creating and producing with you.

People keep asking me how I can be so productive – writing all my books, doing my radio shows, painting and carving and coaching….

Well, creating is my passion. I do it because I must. I get antsy and irritable if I don’t, actually.

And, more importantly, I have also trained my mind in a certain way that makes it possible to do a whole lot more than I could if I had not.

There are some very specific key points to being able to create and produce what, when and where you want to produce. I’ll let you in on one of the secrets I use – it’s a very specific kind of to-do list that I call a Master To Do List. You can get it HERE for FREE.

I also have some pretty unique ideas that help me compress my time and get way more done

If you’d like to know what compressing time means, and a whole lot more about how to become super creative and productive, I invite you to check out the teleclass I did on How to Be Super Productive. You can get the audio and transcript HERE!

In it, I fill you completely up with rich clues you can use to completely (easily) revamp your time, expand your life and business success, make more mo.ney and have a whole lot more fun in your life.

YES, COMPRESS TIME – because it’s not about time management – you know, planning this at 10 a.m., plan that at noon, and so on. It’s about how I USE the hours themselves to get way more done than usual.

Going to school and getting trained in hourly segments did us a big disservice by

getting us conditioned to chopping our days up into equal little parts.

Our minds don’t work that way naturally, and cutting up our days like that truncates and squelches the creative journey. So I changed that pattern for myself.

I also have ways to turn nasty sidewinders of emotions and cravings into pure creative power.

Yes – I tap – but that’s only the beginning.

It’s what you tap on and how you use the tapping that counts. I don’t just ‘get rid’ of fears, pain, doubts, etc.

I literally turn fear and pain into clear, huge piles of crackling power I can then use in my projects and creations, and to get results I never, ever would have dreamed possible.

For example: Last year I had full-mouth dental surgery, and I was feeling pretty low afterwards.

After resting for a couple of days, I finally got bored with feeling low and being unable to chew. So I turned the energy into high creativity and wrote a recipe book of really delicious meals for people who, because of illness, injury, surgery or loss of teeth, need to eat only liquid foods.

And because of writing and publishing that book, I was curious about unusual ways to market it. I found a way that I’d never heard of before, where I could market it to literally thousands of corporate buyers who buy books by the truckload.

Be More Productive Make More MoneyCan you see how one afternoon of sitting in the dentist chair for 3 hours and feeling immense pain and frustration could have become a real bummer? But I USED that situation instead.

If you’d like to know more of my Productivity Secrets, I invite you to Get A Hundred Times More Done HERE!

•  get more out of each hour
•  turn your fear distraction and procrastination into pure creative juice
•  turn your cravings into sheer, immense power
•  zero down into super-laser focus
•  take action even when you think you don’t know what to do
•  get more done in a day than you ever did before
•  make more mo.ney because your time is freed up
•  suddenly see light in every dark corner….

I don’t share these secrets with just anyone. They are what I have found, scraped through, stumbled upon and worked through over 45 years of following my creative impulse as an artist, author and coach.

These secrets have enabled me to write over 50 books in the past 6 years, give innumerable teleclasses, all the artwork and other creative things I adore doing.

Wouldn’t you like to think of yourself as highly creative and productive instead of stuck and frustrated?

What if you could really focus, really create deeply, produce the things you need to produce in order to grow your business or your life the way YOU want to have it?

What would that be worth to you? Could you relax more? Have more confidence, more fun? Go on more trips? Make more dough and feel really good about yourself and how many people you help, support or impact?

Stop and think about that for a minute, because you have a unique set of gifts, skills, talents and knowledge.

If you don’t use them and share yourself with the world, those things are lost when you leave the planet.

What a shame. What would happen if you used your time better and were even 2 times more productive?

What are you waiting for? Come spend an hour with me and walk out cranking with energy and inspiration. Join me  RIGHT HERE!

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