Getting Unstuck – with Gusto!

The MONEY MAVERICK TELECLASS Audios and Transcript are ready now for the Getting Unstuck System! Get it here: Get Unstuck – and be able to keep getting unstuck every time! Linda T., who helps kids use tapping to regain … Continue reading

What’s The Heretic’s Secret?

If you are truly as committed to being a successful coach, entrepreneur or energy practitioner helping people live better lives as you think and say you are, you won’t want to miss this. OK. Here’s what It Is. Since I … Continue reading

The Abundance Paradigm

Want rock-solid proof “The Abundance Paradigm” really works … and works really fast? “The Abundance Paradigm” goes beyond the Law of Attraction and explains how to co-create your life in a way that actually works. Below is a mother’s … Continue reading